Monday, June 15, 2009

More of a Sandwich Life

Yesterday, Sunday, I was so hoping for a nap. It seems like you are supposed to have a Sunday afternoon nap, doesn't it?

So after lunch with Mom and Dad, and back home again, I announce I am laying down.

The first question is how long do I think I will be asleep???

It is not a good sign!

From a dead sleep, I am woken up with the question, "Mom, do we have any duct tape?"

Huh? No.

I doze off again, not really worrying about what that was about! I really needed a nap!

Then, I'm not sure how much time has passed, but the next question is, "Mom, will you be mad if we broke something?"

That will wake you up!

Grace asks again and then starts trying to explain what got broken while I am trying to decide exactly what I am being asked. I had bought a pump for our balls and another for the bikes. For some reason they decided that while I was asleep was the perfect time to try out both! Only I bought the cheapest of each type of pump and the needles broke on the first try.

Grace is begging me to tell Annabel that I am not mad so she will stop crying. In walks Annabel with tears just streaming down her cheeks, afraid I will be mad because they broke the needles.

I assure them both that I know neither would purposely try to break something and they were just cheaply made.

So where the sandwich part comes in, the girls had evidently gone next door to Poppa and borrowed duct tape and then glue to try to put the needles back together!

Believe it or not, that didn't work, but they knew their Poppa would be there to rescue them!

In the end, Dad even provided another needle that actually did work!

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