Monday, June 15, 2009

A problem with the sandwich life - funerals

Today was the funeral for a man I have known for more than 47 years.

He was an elder in our church but represented much more than that. He was a patriarch, a doyen, a sage, an honorable man. He was the father of my peers, the husband of a woman who taught me so much, and a teacher and leader for all of us.

To lose him represented for us one of the last original members of our church. The numbers continue to dwindle.

A funeral is sad anyway, but it is especially difficult when you realize the toll it is taking on everyone.

This has been an especially rough month as so many from our church have passed away.

I know it takes a toll on Mom and Dad. It is very difficult to lose your peers.

The girls had gone to camp with Marcie, but our friend was picking them up. The drop off time was right in the middle of the funeral.

So as his son was struggling to reminisce about his father, and just as I am getting teary eyed, I got the message that the girls are in the parking lot.

You have to shift quickly to get from mourning to finding a quick lunch for 2 ravenous girls who are anxious to get to bingo with their new older friends from my program at the hospital.

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  1. I'm sorry I missed this. I would have liked to be there. It's really hard to believe he's gone, but after 95 years of service I suppose he's earned his seat at God's right hand.