Sunday, June 21, 2009

Road trip with Sandwiches!

We are taking a road trip! Some of the sandwiches!

When I was growing up, I used to worry every time we left that something would happen to Mom and Dad while we were gone. This has been since I was about 10 years old. Now of course that was irrational, but I guess it is what children do. There was nothing wrong with my parents but I think because my grandfather had died I worried about the risk of losing my parents. A LOT of wasted energy.

Now that all of us are older, I realize they are fully capable of taking care of themselves. I'm sure they are glad to know that I finally trust them!

So today, Lisa is driving up from Austin to meet us, load up the Momma mobile and head west. The temperature here next week is expected to be triple digits every single day. We are going to the mountains and I cannot wait.

It has been 5 years since I took a vacation and the first time for us to go for more than a weekend, so this will be a new experience all the way around.

Yesterday in preparation, we went to Costco.

Shopping with 3 generations is always entertaining.

A place like Costco can be overwhelming but we had just a few things on our must buy list! We bought enough snacks, water, and plates, so if we are stranded somewhere, we are in good shape.

The girls were exhausted from the strenuous work of buying junk food and did not want to eat there. I explained that was the only meal that was going to happen so they better figure out what they wanted off the Costco menu!

I could tell Mom was not feeling up to going back to even make a "simple" meal and I knew I had a LIST of tasks to do, so after a bottle of water for each, they were ready to eat!

When we got home the girls worked hard at cleaning up the car, both inside and out, then the highlight of the day.

My mother can cook the most delicious brisket you have ever had. It melts in your mouth and has the flavor of Mr. Moore's bar b que, which you would have to be an OLD Oak Cliff person to remember how delicious that was.

Everyone came over for Father's Day celebration since we hope to be on the road early today.

For Dad his FAVORITE gift is always a shirt.

For Mom her LEAST favorite gift for Dad is a shirt. She has counted how many he has and it is a LOT, but that is what he wants.

So he had picked out an Hawaiian print one at Costco, so that is what he got, along with cashews and Jelly Belly beans. He also LOVES his snacks! The only thing better would have been a box of Millionaires!

I'm not planning to take my laptop so it might be a while for another post. If we all make it without ever coming to blows then we will have really accomplished a LOT.

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