Monday, June 15, 2009

Saturday as sandwiches!

This is why you should never change your blog.

I wrote for about an hour yesterday and that post is now missing.

Yesterday was a perfect example of why I am calling this my sandwich life.

The day began early as the girls were signed up for a Lowe's Kid's workshop and usually always they go with their Poppa for these!

If you are going with Dad, you have to be ready and on time! Can't risk being late.

But this time was different and Mom and I were going too.

We decided on taking my car since we did not plan to buy anything.

That is never a good idea. We should always take Dad's truck so we won't buy anything! But if they have great clearance things you are sure to find something you can't live without!

So with not planning to buy anything we came away with a safe (with no combination), two barstools, and a new freezer!

The girls made their putting greens, which will end up sitting around for months!

After Lowe's we went to Wal Mart.

Again, what is the deal with the great clearance things right inside the door? It is impossible to pass up a good bargain!

But our quest was to spend our gift cards from our friend and volunteer, Jean! Trying to plan vacation and knowing everyone needs a swimsuit, that was our goal!

Somehow we can stand and look at rows and rows of swimsuits and no one can find a single one they want! It didn't help that they only had two pieces and ones with the sides cut out!

Annabel has told me a LOT of times that she wants a 3 piece swimsuit! A top, a bottom, and shorts!!! I have tried to explain that we can buy shorts separately but unless it is all a set together, she is not interested. No, Wal Mart does not have that kind either!

Then we looked for beach towels. I could not believe how much they wanted for a beach towel at Wal Mart! The majority of our gift cards would have been for a towel!

I stopped the progress of the day by insisting on using a coupon that they could not figure out how to make work!

This left everyone out in the car patiently waiting on me getting my $.65 off of dog food!

Our quick trips to Lowe's and Wal Mart took forever, so we decided to eat at WEndy's. I keep trying to pay for Mom and Dad a meal for taking care of my girls for the summer. This was a pretty cheap way to do it!

I was sure we could find decent swimsuits if we went to Target.

OK, evidently the only swimsuits made this year are two pieces or have the whole sides cut out! But it doesn't matter, Grace just stands and stares at them.

I pull out swimsuit after swimsuit and she just knows she does not like any of them!!! We even tried to narrow it down by color, but that didn't help either.

OK, do you remember what type of swimsuit Annabel wanted? She reminded me again, twice!! While Target had some that were her "style" none in the right color and the right size. It was the cheapest trip to Target I have ever made!

Next were haircuts.

Annabel wanted her hair cut BALD! She was sick and tired of it being so hot. I made her compromise and it is short, but not TOO short! It is an amazing transformation for her. It makes her look like a pixie or something!

Grace DID NOT want her hair cut, but it stays in her eyes when she tries to do anything, I convinced her to get a little cut off. 5 inches later and no one can miss any of it!

We ended the day with dinner with Mom and Dad.

Annabel has discovered corn on the cob and cannot get enough of it! She will eat 2 ears if anyone leaves theirs, but she also LOVES sweet potatoes, so Mom had 2 of her favorites.

I will go back and add some background later. I just wanted to get started since I had publicized that I had made a switch.

I hope you will keep up with us in this new format!

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