Friday, July 24, 2009

Annabel's first birthday!

Today was the first time Annabel has celebrated a birthday! I cannot imagine turning 12 and never having a birthday celebration, not a birthday party, but for the first time having a family celebrate the day of your birth.

For those close by, they know I fretted about this for weeks. I wanted the day to be "perfect", which as an adult, we all know that is not possible! But we got pretty close!

The day started with a visit to the otorhinolaryngologist to check her "good" ear. She has been complaining about the amount of water getting trapped in there and a difference in her hearing ability in that ear.

Thank the good Lord! There was absolutely nothing wrong with her ear. The doctor says it looks great, no problems, no difference in hearing.

She kept saying she wanted surgery on that ear, but really think she was looking for attention. After today, maybe she had plenty.

I splurged on a Great hair cut for both she and Grace and they looked fantastic! Besides going to see Tina is a lot more fun than the cheapy places.

We left there for a child's dream world - Six Flags!

Annabel really did not know what she wanted to do for her birthday and waffled between Chuck E Cheese or a movie and it was just a stroke of genius that I thought about Six Flags.

Grace won a free pass for reading at school. She has since first grade, but the last time we went, Jana and her girls went with us. It took me until this year to face going back. Going to Six Flags with Jana is a lot like going to Santa Fe with Lisa. Needless to say, it is a memorable experience.

A friend donated her son's ticket and Dad wanted to buy Annabel's and off we went!

After the first couple of rides, I was ready to come home! Of course the girls were not.

We rode a lot of rides that we had never been on and some of the good old stand bys, but when we hit the Shockwave, I had to laugh.

By that point, Annabel was wound up and wanted to ride the roller coaster that makes the double loop around.

Grace looked at me begging not to go.

I told them I knew I could NOT do it.

We got to the head of the line and I practically pushed Grace on with Annabel whooping and hollering in excitement.

When they got off, Annabel was pale, teary eyed, and shaking. Grace was beaming from ear to ear and wanting to ride it again.

Annabel did not stop talking about how badly that ride scared her! Bless her heart!

By the end evening, Annabel and I were ready to ride the ride that guarantees you get soaked. Grace was just not up for it.

Now the ride is called Aquaman, but can't remember what it used to be.

We got drenched!

Then it was time to close down the ride and the man let us ride it again without going through the line. Even better!

I thought we were through for the night but we came across the kiddie section and Annabel was thrilled about riding some of the "safer" rides.

It came to an abrupt end when one operator told her she was too big to ride the kiddie rides. She was terribly disappointed but we still had the carousel to ride. That operator let us ride it twice too!

The only thing left was the parade.

Both girls decided they were too tired to wait!

We made it home about 10:30 and we had still not given her her presents!

After quick showers, she finally got to open her presents - a new Barbie that came with 2 dogs, 2 Nintendo games, and a Barbie case.

The best part is she now has a family and friends that love her. So many people have sent cards and other birthday greetings. Plus all the great presents and money!

If she had not been exhausted, I think she would still be wired, but almost sure she is sleeping on Cloud Nine tonight.

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