Sunday, July 19, 2009

Days and days of fun!

While some of the best memories are mere minutes in a number of days, there are other times when we are blessed with day after day of memories.

Lisa, my older sister, brought my two nieces, Gillian and Darcey, to Dallas to help celebrate Mom's birthday. But we had more to celebrate, as Gillian and Annabel also have a birthday within the week.

When the three of them show up, you can always expect to have a good time and plenty of things to happen.

I had asked Annabel what she wanted to do to celebrate her birthday. This will be her first birthday EVER! She will be 12 years old and never had her own celebration about her birth. Very quickly she decided on having a bounce house and a swimming pool. Well I found a place that would rent a giant slip and slide that had a pool at the end.

The slip and slide arrived just before we had to leave for theater camp and the amount of squealing and laughing made me know I had chosen the right element to help celebrate!

We dropped all 4 girls at Theater Camp and Lisa and I quickly ran to Target to make sure we had everyone a birthday present. Annabel still did not have a Barbie and had not really wanted one until recently. Lisa obliged her with her first Barbie AND Ken dolls.

After the theater camp, the girls quickly changed into their swimsuits and hit the slip and slide. There was no stopping them for the next 4 hours!

The only reason they stopped was because Grace and Annabel's theater camp culminated in a play that evening.

I convinced EVERYONE, even Mom and Dad, to go for the big performance.

If you ever need FREE entertainment, you should go to any children's performance, as you never know what you will see.

Unfortunately the girls' teacher did not show up and that made a quick change in their performance. But we sat through the others and then their teacher did arrive. This was a play that the kids had written and was quite amusing. The teacher was quite taken with Annabel's ability and Grace's ability to concentrate. They were very proud of themselves.

Afterward Dad treated us to dinner at El Fenix.

Mom and I are eager for any choices that do not require being in a HOT kitchen!

The best part of celebrating a birthday at El Fenix is the free dessert of sopapillas, covered with strawberries, and whipping cream. AND they brought one each for all three birthday girls!

The only thing Gillian wanted for her birthday was to see the new Harry Potter movie, so Grace, she and I were at North Park for the 10:00 a.m. show by 9:30! There was already a LONG line waiting to go in. Annabel and Darcey do not like Harry Potter and think it is too scary, so they stayed home!

We were quite impressed with the movie and it was not nearly as scary as it had seemed from the previews.

I knew Gillian was missing some of the Harry Potter books, so we went by Half Price Books and found all the missing copies for the rest of her birthday present. Only she had to hide them so I did not get lectured on spending too much money!

Lisa took us all out to lunch at Bolsa's, a place Mom had mentioned she had always wanted to go and it did not disappoint any of us in its reputation for great food. Again Mom and I were thrilled not to have to cook!

That afternoon I finished up the project I was sure the girls would want to do, but their preferred choices of playing won out.

Mom complains that we never have photographs any more, so I ordered copies of a lot of pictures I had and then put them in a scrapbook for her.

For our last bit of celebrating we finally opened presents! Only Mom insisted she didn't want any, so I only gave her a lipstick, and let the girls give her the rest of the things.

Annabel was thrilled with her new Barbie and Ken AND new Nintendo game from Gillian and Darcey. I think she could get used to birthday parties!

Mark and Martha joined us for a great catfish dinner, so we had a good meal all together.

By Saturday night we were tired from all the celebrations!

Lisa and the girls left early and the rest of us have had a fairly quiet Sunday, except for one thing. Our local magazine wanted to do an article on adult children who had moved to be closer to their parents. We fit the need and met with a reporter as part of her story. It is supposed to be published in October or November. If so, I will update you.

Grace and Annabel enjoyed playing Barbies all afternoon.

After all of that celebrating, we still have Annabel's birthday coming up this week! Now what are supposed to do???!!!

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  1. This was one awesome weekend!! I think the best part is when you and I got on the Slip and Slide. Good thing it's made of heavy duty stuff!! HAHA