Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Gillian Rose's Birthday

Today Gillian is 12 years old.

I insist on not being melancholy and sad, which is very hard to do, so will try very hard to focus on the great kid that Gillian continues to develop into.

When Gillian is around, the other kids have great fun.

She is the ringleader of the activities. She never seems to tire of the task of being the activities director for all her younger cousins and sister.

At a recent garage sale they had a HUGE roll of white paper for sale. I can't imagine what this paper was originally meant for because it is SO big. She worries that they will run out of paper and insists they all be frugal in their use of it. I finally moved it from the front of the house and she immediately worried that it was missing! She needs LOTS of room for creativity!

One present that Grace gave her while they were here was a cat balloon. We made a special trip to Tom Thumb to get it aired up but for some reason it did not seem to be helium.

This was the cutest balloon and shaped like a cat with feet attached by tissue paper strips.

She had the most fun with this single present and made everyone wish they had one too! She walked it around the store while we tried to help she and Darcey pick a present for Mom.

Lisa wrote that all the way home she made the cat wave to the cars as they went by.

Gillian is so sweet too and extremely cute, no prejudice on my part, I assure. Yet she is extremely unassuming and works hard at every project she tackles! She makes great grades with little effort and LOVES to read.

If it had not been for Gillian, Grace's development and knowledge of English would have been much harder. Gillian took her under her wing and made each encounter a learning opportunity. She helped Grace learn to love reading as well.

When I called her today to say Happy Birthday she told me she was having problems with her hair and she was trying to fix it. Her hair was straight on the top but curly on the bottom. I tried to walk her through how to correct it. She was so funny! She was intent on trying to make it all straight, but my guess is she gave up and went with it curly instead.

Gillian grows more like her mother every day and for that I am VERY grateful. But she has just enough of her Dad in her to keep us from being sad when she is around.

Thank you God for blessing us with our wonderful Gillian!

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  1. Word. I am so thankful for our Awesome GIGI!!