Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lost in translation

Tonight on our way to the Post Office to try and get Annabel's birth certificate, she began to tell me a story about their trip to Waco yesterday to hand off G and D to their Dad.

She started, "Mom, yesterday, when we were in Wego, there was this man who kept coming and Poppa had to hornking and hornking to make him stop."

Wego= Waco
hornking= guessing a combo of horn and honking!

Then Grace say a dog and identified it as a Caviar King Charles Spaniel.

Bless her heart. She wants to know all about dogs and identify their breeds, but usually will identify everything as a dachshund, regardless of its size!

Today the girls had their first day at theater camp at the local rec center.

Annabel was pretty bummed out as they were not going to be providing any breakfast, lunch, or snack. I tried over and over to explain it was only for 2 hours so she did not need anything to eat, but could take a bottle of water if she wanted to.

Annabel also decided she did not ever want to go back!

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