Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Trying to get healthy!

When I adopted Annabel, it seemed to be a good time to end mourning for Jana. Annabel represented a new beginning.

Of course I am not dumb enough to think that I could completely put my mourning behind me, but it did seem that Annabel deserved a future, rather than just harboring despair from the past.

During the time that I completed all the paperwork Grace and I also became extremely inactive. Believe it or not, we both put on a LOT of weight.

When we got to China and met Annabel for the first time I knew without a moment's hesitation that I had met my match, physically, at least!

I have often called Annabel, Tigger, from Winnie the Pooh and Grace, Pooh. 10 months ago that was their personalities.

Annabel wanted us to be active with her and Grace began to join in. I tried but would run out of breath almost immediately. That is when I decided to pursue the surgery for the huge hiatal hernia. With it, I have also begun to lose weight.

The way I have lost weight is through not being able to eat or only able to tolerate small meals. BUT I have known for a while that I have to add exercise to keep it off and take even more off.

SO tonight I tried starting yoga! I borrowed some DVDs from a friend and had recorded some yoga programs on TV. I had NO IDEA I was SO out of shape. I started with one that was more energetic than I thought I could do and switched to a restorative yoga instead.

If that was restorative, I am just glad I didn't try the more energetic one. The girls tried to do it with me, but gave up and got ready for bed instead. I just have to keep it up if I can get up tomorrow!

Last night I had the strangest dream.

I dreamed that my sister, Lisa, her daughter, Katie, and I were somewhere in another country. I knew from there we were going to London. I kept trying to come up with some ideas of what all we should see while there, but it kept bothering me that we were staying longer than I intended. Guess I was probably realizing my daughters weren't with me! But what was really disturbing me was that Gillian and Darcey were going to London by themselves and weren't even sure where they were going to stay, but knew their dad wanted them to learn Chinese while they were there.

It doesn't take a genius to interpret my dream.

Gillian and Darcey went home today.

It is so hard to let them leave when I am not sure of what their life is like when they are not here. Communication has always been an issue. You would think some of us spoke different languages. My attempts failed from the very beginning. It is a delicate balance of wanting information, assurance that things are ok, without upsetting Gillian and Darcey. So I just end up mad.

This time Gillian had decided that they would go home on the 17th, but then Darcey got homesick and they moved it up a week and a half early to make sure that Darcey was ok.

I know it is a lot of extra work having 2 more here, especially for Mom and Dad since I am off to the office every day, but I would rather take on the extra work and be sure they are safe and getting to be kids.

We had so much fun while they were here.

A big draw was the fairly new neighbors across the street.

My 4 girls would stand on the edge of our driveway, almost out in the street, hoping the "new" neighbor would come out. Mom, Dad, and I have laughed at the crazy excuses we have had to make to send the girls over there so they could see "'the boys".

Saturday, we were going to participate in the neighborhood parade. I read the starting time wrong and we were ready to go at 10:00. The boys across the street joined us and we made our way to the starting point to find no one else there! So we went the whole route and still no one was there, so we came back home and gathered up some more things, like a soccer ball and went back to the starting point and played while waiting on others to show up!

We enjoyed the parade and visiting with neighbors, but we were off to our next July 4th celebration at church.

Thankfully the "boys" went with us so it was even more fun. We enjoyed seeing everyone at church and the great food prepared.

We had bought some fireworks while visiting our cousins, so we had to wait for it to get a little darker to shoot them off. I thought I had only bought things that were legal in the city limits, but some surprised me at the force they had. The majority were sparklers and the girls had a good time doing their own sparklers demonstrations. We used about 20 packages of matches, since I forgot to get punks. This was new for me too since I have never been in charge of actually shooting and overseeing the shooting of fireworks! I thought my burned fingers were going to be a problem, but they recovered nicely.

The girls are signed up for a theater camp for the next 2 weeks. I hope they will go. I am afraid they will be bored without their cousins here to help plan the entertainment and stand on our driveway in hopes that someone will come out of their house!

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