Monday, August 31, 2009

Annabel in band and Dad's birthday party!

This afternoon Annabel came running up to the car and instructed me to roll up the windows, shut the doors, as she had something to tell me!

By the time Grace finally got in the car I thought that Annabel was going to bust to tell me what happened at school!

It came down to this - a yellow haired boy in band, who wanted to show her his instrument, today, handed her a note as class let out.

Then during gym she started thinking about what was on the note and thought she remembered something out .com, so instead of just throwing it away, she decided to keep it.

She handed me a piece of paper that said emake or something like that. She had rewritten his note to show me what it said, but got it all wrong, since it should have said, email, then his address. She kept saying she wasn't sure, but thought he might like her. BUT she does not like him, as she likes Drew, whom Grace described as another blondie! Grace thinks he is ugly but Annabel insists if you get right up into his face, he is VERY good looking! Maybe at least they won't ever like the same boy!

Sunday was a day that everyone needs once in a while, a very quiet, slow day. Grace slept most of the day and was fighting a high temperature and congestion.

We were all still recovering from the party of the year - Dad's birthday party.

If any one person had a 1/10 of the friends Dad has, you would know you had been successful as being a friend. I'm glad we had it in the auditorium so there was plenty of room for the 120+ crowd! Every time you thought that was surely all the people that Dad could know, in came another group. It seemed like everyone had a good time, especially Dad!

It was a well deserved celebration for him! We tried to share special thoughts and most got through it very well! Marcie had scanned a bunch of old pictures that were fun to see and my friend at work had prepared us a GREAT playlist of songs that Dad had specially chosen. The food was fantastic and we were all so glad to have someone else responsible for it!

On the way from Austin, Lisa had called and said that Gillian wasn't feeling too well and seemed fairly congested. She called again to let me know they had stopped for Motrin as her fever had spiked to over 100! By the time they got here and the excitement of the party, she insisted that she felt like going to the party. While she was more subdued she seemed OK until we got home and then her fever spiked again before bed.

Sunday morning she woke up with a high temperature but insisted she was OK. She just had a LOT of school work to do and needed to get home.

Shortly after they left, then Grace started having the same symptoms. I thought they were sympathy pains for Gillian, but when she slept through the afternoon, I knew she was sick. I was quite relieved that she did not seem to have a temperature this morning.

Marcie and Lisa took great pictures at the party and I will get some to post.

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