Saturday, August 29, 2009

Getting ready for the big party!

This morning, I am sitting here stressing out about final details for Dad's party this afternoon while Grace is laying on the couch wondering why she can only move her toes starting with her big toe and not her little toe.

Mom has gone to the beauty shop and Dad is at the church having breakfast. Lisa, Katie, Gillian, and Darcey are on their way while Marcie is shopping for Dad's birthday present.

I feel immobilized trying to remember what I am sure I have forgotten and at the end of the party will say, "what happened to ...."

Preparing for this party has been great fun while we reviewed pictures and music, memories, and more.

Someone asked me the other day if I can look at pictures of Jana yet. I hated to admit that I cannot, but have been forced to while going through our families' history.

BUT to completely get anything sad off my mind, I have found the perfect website that makes me laugh so hard! Every single picture could come from our family. There are so many that I found that I want to send! Please take a minute and look at this blog Any one of those, just change the names and they are us!

We have had some fun adventures!

It makes me wish for a camera in my hand to capture even the most insignificant details because later they really mean a lot. When I was in China I got an email from a friend saying to take pictures of EVERYTHING and she was so right. The ones of the food, the surroundings, the buildings, people, all help make the whole story, not just the pictures of us.

Music has been another adventure.

A wonderful man at work, who also happens to be one of our attorneys, LOVES music and has helped out in the past with being a DJ for our Christmas parties. I asked him if he could put together some music for the party.

If he hadn't said yes, then this wouldn't be included, so of course, he said , yes! He wanted to know what to include. I had emailed Dad but he didn't answer, so I told him just to pick popular things from the mid 30's to the mid 50's. As soon as I did this, Dad hands me a 3 page list of his favorites and they kept coming! What a fantastic gift this has become! All his favorites in one place!

We are expecting a big crowd and glad for this chance to wish Pops a happy birthday! It's not until 9/11, but since they will be in Alaska that day, we have to do it now!

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