Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Every one else in the area just started school this week.

By now we are well into second full week and tonight I realized why I no longer have time to post anything on my blog - HOMEWORK!

The one thing that everyone told us about the new school was the volume of homework. They did not exaggerate!

Of course it takes us even longer because Annabel usually cannot read the text, assignment, and needs help spelling everything she writes!

Last Friday they both mentioned a "math project" that would be due tomorrow. I loudly proclaimed that we would NOT be working on that assignment on Tuesday night.

I guess with kids you are constantly eating your words, because tonight we finally finished the math projects at 9:30!

Grace wanted to do hers on PowerPoint. I don't have a lot of experience on it, but more than she does, so she was very impressed that I could add in pictures and make a few be animated.

What impressed me was that I knew how to burn it to a disk!

But we got through with it and hopefully the teacher will be impressed!

We picked up the repaired flute last week and Annabel is thrilled to have it. When we got home that day, she immediately started to try to play it. She works and works on it, blowing and blowing.

One night I heard almost a melody! I was so impressed! But then I found out that it was Grace trying to play it. Grace seems to have a gift with music! She did the same thing with the violin! But Grace chose Theater over any type of music class!

They also brought home a release form to go on a field trip next week. They were giggling that the teachers had told them how much fun it was going to be, but also there was a risk of injury even death at this event! I asked if it was a trick to see if I was willing to let them go to something that dangerous!

More details later on that!

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