Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New beginnings

This week the girls started back to school.

Yes, I know it is very early to start school and the rest of the area is not starting for a few weeks.

Monday and Tuesday they had "Panther Camp" which was an introduction to the school. I'm glad they have had a chance to ease into school.

They had to wear their uniforms and their new saddle oxfords. They looked so cute! I've got to get the picture that Dad made of them to add here. They have white shirts with 3/4 sleeves and a plaid skirt with their navy/white saddle oxfords. Too cute! It should be cute for the price though!

Thank goodness a friend in the neighborhood volunteered to take them as they had to be there at 1:00.

The drive to the school is somewhere between 15 and 20 miles depending on how lost I get going there. I seem to have a mental block lately on directions! Actually there are lots of choices of ways to get there and some have a TON of traffic, so trying to find the best way has sometimes taken us to the wrong way!

Annabel was very animated about her day.

She says she clunked around in her shoes, which she thought were wooden, and had to stand in a LONG line for a LONG time to get her picture made. She almost made a friend but she couldn't remember her name. She remembered a few other details about some people she met but not much about the school. At least she had her locker number and combination!

Grace on the other hand made several friends, most whose names she could remember! She had lots of information about the school too.

They had served pizza at the end of the day and Grace had to eat outside. I'm not sure how she did it, but Annabel ate inside. She said the pizza did not have pepperoni or anything on it. I asked her if it was a cheese pizza, but she wasn't too sure.

But the drive through the car pool lane and back home took 1 1/2 hours. WAY too long!

On Tuesday we had the routine down better and they jumped in the car, after Grace found Annabel, who was eating her second ice cream! They both knew more about the school, but Annabel was still not sure of her friend's name.

While at the picnic I introduced us to a little boy in their class. He tried his best to get their attention both days, but I don't think he knows just how shy my girls can be, especially around boys.

The drive was much shorter and we even took time to take the flute by Brook Mays to get it repaired for Annabel.

Thank goodness Mom made dinner each night! It is nice to be a sandwich!

Sunday we drove Gillian and Darcey to Waco to meet their daddy.

We left early so we could stop at Target and spend their money that they earned from taking care of our dogs.

Mapquest made it look like Target was just off of the freeway, but instead must be well hidden in the city, since I could never find it.

In the meantime, their dad was waiting and we had to make a detour and go back without finding Target. It is so hard to leave them after all the fun we have had and knowing that it will be a long time until they can spend much time here again.

The drive home was excruciating as it was stop and go traffic all the way. What should have been a 3 hour drive, total, ended up being 5 1/2 hours. We did stop at Target and got the girls their Nintedo games with their money. Mom and Dad are going to mail them for us. Again, nice to have someone else take care of the plans I made!

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