Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New year, new changes

This school year is SO DIFFERENT!

For one thing, Annabel came bouncing out of school yesterday saying one of her teachers was GREAT!! That's a wonderful change.

Last year, Dad walked the girls to and from school each day.

By the time I got home from work, homework was done, and the usual evening type things could happen, like meals being prepared, laundry, showers, etc.

This year, I am driving the girls to and from school.

Most of the teachers provide tutoring, which Annabel really needs. Yesterday she stayed with the English teacher for additional help. I am thrilled for her to have the help, but it makes their day and mine, much longer.

But one of the unexpected benefits is the time together in the car and for once I know a little about what happened during the day at school. Last year by the time I got home, school and the day had been forgotten!

So it is more work on my part, but it is long overdue for us to have this "bonding" time! Wonder how long until I would rather bond somewhere other than the car?

When we get home, Mom and Dad are anxious to hear about the day and bless Mom's heart, she has had meals prepared most nights! It is good to be a sandwich!

This has left me helping with the homework!

Grace gets all of hers done during the last period of the day, Advisory Class, and has learned to get the teacher to help with any questions she has.

Annabel though, has not mentioned to any of her teachers that she cannot read English. She has brought home some really difficult homework too. Tonight we were working on the axis of the earth and if it was not on a tilt, how would it affect the environment. My best guess, I don't know! How did Dad do this?

Math is ok unless it is a word problem.

Not being able to read makes all of these subjects very difficult. I heard from the ESL teacher and she has done testing on Annabel. Plans should be made pretty quickly to help.

In the meantime, I bought a preschool reading workbook.

We sat together tonight and worked on about 30 pages.

I decided we had to start from the beginning and I was afraid kindergarten might be too difficult. I don't want her discouraged.

In some ways I feel very guilty that I have not been on top of this better, but then I realize we were still doing a lot of adjusting, for her to the US and us and for me, well, being the mom of a second 11 year old who could not speak English!

This workbook has us practicing making letters.

Annabel says she was never shown how to write last year, so I hope this will help her scrawl be more legible. My task right now is to change the pronunciation of the word from duh to THE. That will be new!

Tomorrow is early release day, as is every Wednesday.

We tried to trick Dad into wanting to pick them up, but finally just appealed to his kind nature and he agreed.

While helping Annabel with her homework, I have also been going through old photo albums. We are trying to get a lot of pictures of Dad through the years for his birthday party. I should scan some and post just because they are so funny!

Thankfully it is getting darker earlier and I can convince my girls again that 8:30 is a reasonable bedtime. Since it is in only 2 minutes, I better hurry!

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  1. She should be able to review the basics with the Hooked on Phonics tapes and flashcards! I am always amazed at how quickly imited English reading students strenthen their skills with that set! :-)