Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Calgon take me away......

Ah twilight....

Ah evensong....

An vespers....

There is that small window of quietness between work day and the evening when you are allowed five minutes to not be mom, daughter, or employee.

Where you drink your cup of international delight coffee.

Or you soak in a tub of Calgon.

There are songs, prayers, and other rituals assigned to that brief time when you close the door on one life before opening it on another.

Most nights I don't have this time, but tonight, after being sick for the last two weeks, having an extremely long day, and finally getting my laptop back, I was determined to sit quietly and check my email without any interference.

You know something happened or I would not be writing about it.

This was one night that I knew my Rachael Ray soup leftovers were in the refrigerator and if anyone turned up their nose to those, I was going to yield to serving Chinese noodles, everyone's favorite, but if you are trying to eat healthier, you just feel like you missed the mark.

My brother had my laptop repaired last week but I have not felt like making the extra stop to go by and pick it up. Somehow your own computer feels like a well loved shirt or pair of shoes. You know right where your fingers need to be without looking at them. All of your favorites are saved in the files where you expect them.

With this "old friend", which know runs like a brand new one, thanks to Mark, I was determined to enjoy a moment of quiet.

Within seconds of sitting down, Grace found me and wanted me to help her solve

0.25 x 583 to the 5 power. (I don't know how to make the power symbol on a computer).

I really don't use math like this every day. Maybe I should, but I don't. I had asked her for the third time to explain how she had answered the other questions so I could have a hint on how to solve this one, when Nina came running in and jumped in the middle of us.

Grace immediately asked Nina what she had on her back. And what was that terrible smell.

A quick glance confirmed that it looked the someone or something's poop on her back, shoulders, and front and she was anxious to share with us.

Recently I have been looking at a variety of jobs and wondering if I would like to do them instead of what I do. Could I earn more money? Would my time be more flexible? Dog grooming was probably not at the top of the list, but today I can tell you I definitely will not be quitting my day job to do this.

I grabbed Nina up and threw her in the bathtub, the whole time she is looking at me incredulously that I did not appreciate her. It took a long soak to get her clean, but of course Ollie is usually the stinky dog, so he got his too.

If you are taking dirty and then wet dogs out of a bath tub the next event in that sequence is for you to get clean too.

My evensong....

My vespers......

My twilight......

Oh well. At least Mom is still with us and does not seem to have any really scary symptoms. The doctor did send out tamiflu and hopefully it will bring some relief fairly quickly.

Today was parent/teacher conferences and I had received one email telling me I did not need to come as my child was doing quite well. The next email said, please contact us for an appointment, as we need to talk about your child. I emailed the teacher back and asked if she meant Annabel, as I could not imagine Grace needing a conference. Of course if you have only known English for less than a year, you would expect to be having problems in 6Th grade.

The teachers are great but frustrated as they know she wants to learn, but have limited means to teach her. They have made amazing modifications like giving her tests orally, allowing her to bring work home for us to do together, having the ESL teacher help her with assignments, and also providing tutoring. She has made remarkable progress, but in subjects like history and science, these will take a long time.

So my break is over and it is back to being mom, homework helper, adviser, cook, and cleaner.

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  1. Hang in there, Jerri! You know things rarely go as planned but it sounds like you have it under control!