Thursday, September 10, 2009

Four day work week!

Thank goodness this is a four day week because it has felt like a month! And no homecooked meals by Mom all week!

I feel for my girls as their school days are very long. I have to drop them off so early so I can get to work and then almost every afternoon they are there until late. BUT I am so excited about this school. They send an email twice a week with news, actually what is happening on campus! Can you imagine? Plus you get your own internet account to check assignments and grades. PLUS they offer tutoring even if you don't take the TAKS test. PLUS they read the tests to Annabel so she actually got a chance to be tested on what she could learn and understand! The TAKS Benchmark tests have been given all week and they had Annabel work with the ESL teacher who read her the test and then let her answer it. Wow!

Mom and Dad are having a great time! In Alaska the time difference is 3 hours so Dad is up and ready to go really early. But it has been really cold and I think that Mom has preferred to stay in instead! They have seen some beautiful scenery and had some fantastic food. I hope Dad is taking lots of pictures.

The hardest thing to believe is that tomorrow Dad will be 80 years old. My father just does not seem to be that old! I know a lot of people older than that but somehow that is different. Dad just doesn't act old. He has met just about everybody on the ship and explored every corner of the ship.

Happy Birthday Dad!

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  1. I loved your old blog, but I think I love this one even better. I know a lot of the stuff you write about, but it's so good to read the day to day stuff that we forget to mention in our phone chats. Thanks forkeeping up with this and keeping me posted on what's happening at 622 & 618!