Wednesday, September 23, 2009

From my niece Katie, who is proud of her Daddy!

We are proud to have Ken in our family. The last year has been difficult and I wrote about it on my old blog, but Ken lost both his mother and father in less than a year. Both due to cancer.

Ken and my older sister, Lisa, got married in 1980, the hottest summer on record in Dallas history. Within a very short time they had Casey, my only nephew, and then Katie.

Ken was state trooper of the year, fairly early in his career, which helped get him promoted and away from patrolling the long, dark highways of west Texas. While in West Texas though, he made some pretty good friends who have since been and still are governors of Texas. He was highly sought after to be part of the personal protection for George W when he was governor. He turned it down for the sake of his family.

One of the best things about Ken is he will let me ask all sorts of goofy questions about law enforcement. He did answer an important one recently about how to report someone who should NOT be driving.

Anyway, I was proud that Katie was proud and posted this and wanted to share with you too.
Katie Pittman September 23 at 3:39pm Reply
Today my dad was given an award for saving a mans life by giving him CPR. While i'm sure dad has been of assistance to the public before, this time was a bit different. He told me it was hard for him because it was very similar to his father, Wayne Pittman, passing away. I'd just wanted to share this with every one because it made me so proud. Dad has been through some very tough situations lately and never puts himself before others. I think what he did was pretty cool and realize it was also very difficult for him. I hope this makes y'all proud as well that was have such a fantastic human being amongst us.You can pass any kind words on to him via SgtTx@sbcglobal.netLove,Kate

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