Sunday, September 6, 2009

Holidays and vacations

Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean are my parents steaming towards Alaska. Mom worried at the last minute that she should have taken floaties like Annabel plans to for any trips over water. I told her I would just know she had gone to meet her maker if they crashed! Dad thinks he would drown trying to save Mom. Bad images of the movie Titanic keep flashing through my mind with Celine Dion droning on.

Of course it was a lot of work to get them on that ship!

Friday after I picked up the girls I had a list of errands for us to run only Annabel was STARVING! They had their field trip to a place called Group Dynamics. I am still not sure what they did because when I tried to compare it to a ropes course or wall climbing, it was similar but not exactly. At least they were not killed or paralyzed but Annabel did discover that she is afraid of heights. They had pizza for lunch and she did not get full!

We went by the bank specifically so Annabel could get popcorn! Thank goodness they had a few bags left. If you want a great interest rate that comes with free popcorn on Fridays check out Grand Bank on Colorado!

She made the popcorn sound so delicious that I had to sample it while picking up dinner for all of us!

If you want another bargain and in the area, check out El Fenix's take home special. You get 8 tacos, enchiladas, or tamales, rice, beans, a BIG bag of chips, and hot sauce for $19! So I bought that to share with Mom and Dad.

After dinner I proceeded to help get Mom and Dad packed. I have become quite the expert since I travelled to China for 2 weeks with all my clothes in a carry on that also held my laptop!

Dad wanted to take his suit coat on a big wooden hanger! He also wanted to leave all his laundered shirts on hangers. No wonder his clothes would not fit! Thanks to the packing bags that Marcie had put in his gift basket, they ended up with plenty of room for souvenirs too!

Saturday is not a day you want to wake up at 6:00 a.m. but if your parents' flight leaves at 8:30 a.m., you have to get up plenty early to beat the crowds!

We waited at the airport until we were sure Dad cleared the security check. He always sets off all the alarms due to the metal in his knee. It took a long time and we were glad to see them headed to their gate.

They called later to say they were on the boat and had gotten a hamburger and hot dog for lunch only to discover the ship had opened the buffet early. I think they might have been first in line! Today they are in the ocean and will reach Juneau tomorrow. I hope they are having a great relaxing day!

The girls and I stopped at Starbucks for coffee and oatmeal and on to Wal Mart for an oil change and dog food. From there we went to Lowes in hopes of finding a bargain on plants to recreate our flower bed. Then back home with a LONG list of chores to do around the house.

I decided we needed a break in the early evening and went to North Park so Annabel could finally use her gift certificate Gloria gave her for her birthday. Her initial plans for a panda were changed when she saw the new Portuguese Water Dog and its puppy! Since she would have to spend her own money for accessories, she decided she really did not need any! She is finally learning to save some of her money and not spend it all on junk so she has enough for the things she really wants.

We all felt so weird coming home without checking in with Mom and Dad. It was even worse at church today and our pew felt very empty.

Annabel has asked a million questions and just sure that they will come home early. Grace even got out her magic 8 ball to ask if they would come home on Saturday! We like to be the ones on the road, I guess, and not sure that we like it with Mom and Dad gone. Last night I thought I could stay up as long as I wanted without making Mom worry. Only I was so tired from clearing out the flower bed, I was in my own bed early.

We are all thrilled tomorrow is Labor Day, me more than them. When you work at a hospital, there just aren't a lot of holidays! Quite a change from working for the state when we even got LBJ's birthday and Confederate Heroes days as holidays!

The list of chores and errands is very long but hope we can find some time for fun too.

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