Saturday, September 26, 2009

I hate Canada, no offense Doreen!

To explain my sudden dislike of our neighbor to the north, I have to back up to Thursday.

This head cold, sinus infection, whatever it is, just won't leave me alone and now a week later and a round of antibiotics, a ton of echinacea, vitamin C, and zinc, I'm not sure I feel any better.

So Thursday night I was not paying much attention to the girls progress on getting their homework done. Annabel has learned her grandfather will help her get hers done if she doesn't come in the middle of the better Law and Orders, so she had escaped over there to take care of some subject.

I had told them on the way home that we would start doing 30 minute assigned times on the computer to ensure that each had plenty of time getting their homework done.

But if you don't feel well all you are really doing is kind of a veiled threat about how things will work.

All of a sudden it is 8:10 and Annabel is asking me what are the landforms of Canada and has a map and colored pencils ready for me to spout off the answers and her complete her homework.

I've never known the landforms, much less what a landform is, or I completely forgot what it means! So I am no help and know I need to get on the internet to help her out. Only Grace is on there and when I tell her that her time is up, for the first time ever I saw Grace erupt! Tears flowed and dogs were being swept away by the flood and I reacted in the only appropriate manner :) and sent everyone to get ready for bed. I am sure she is upset only because she is too tired, cutting a tooth, or running a fever, as my Auntie Peggy always proclaimed when her children misbehaved.

When there was some calm I asked what happened and what we needed to do.

All 3 crammed around the computer as I searched desperately for a website that would show the landforms of Canada, as well as their natural resources.

BUT it is kind of like working with a 6th grader and a 2nd grader on these assignments, as Grace is color coding with charts and diagrams representing each province, and Annabel is lucky just to get the words somewhere on the page.

So I am trying to spell Appalachian to Annabel with Grace asking me what does timber mean and answering the phone with Dad asking questions about something that had happened at work. This went on for the next hour, only Dad had hung up pretty quickly when I confused him by explaining what mining was and that was not the answer to his question.

We all pulled in nice and tight and I break out into a sweat. This computer has a 22 inch screen but we needed more like a 56"!

We persevered and got everything completed and finally in bed by 9:30.

So it really isn't that I hate Canada, it's just that I hated that assignment. I am glad that I am having to use my foggy brain and learn something new!

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  1. I AM SO OFFENDED! ....that you didn't call me, not that I would have known all the answers. It is sort of like that show "Are you smarter than a fifth grader" ummm probably not.

    Glad to see you Americans are finally learning something about are you going to email me the answers? ;)

    I hope you start feeling better soon. Being sick really is not fun at all.