Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I wasn't born in Texas but I got here as quick as I could!

When Mom first Dad, he met her qualification of being tall. She was intent on marrying someone taller so we would not be short. Almost 60 years later, I am here to report that she made a decision that worked! Not only has the marriage lasted, but we all ended up an at least an average of their heights!

Since I don't have a background of birthing babies, I'm not sure if other mothers continue to connect through yahoo groups, but I can tell you that adoptive parents, especially parents whose children are from China, have LOTS of choices of groups to maintain connections with.

Events from this week have kept these yahoo groups buzzing. There is the discussion about an adoptive mother going with her son back to China to meet his birth parents. There is the story about the adoptive mom who has been charged with killing her daughter she adopted from China. There is currently a family going through some serious issues in the midst of their adoption and in another group, a discussion of how to handle the family roots question.

If you know me, you know I can't keep quiet on a lot of these discussions and on the family roots question, I told how I make sure my daughters understand that all of my ancestors are their ancestors. Not sure that is something to be proud of or something to want to hide from. Just kidding!

But when it comes down to it, it is sometimes difficult to remember that Grace, especially, was not my child from birth.

But if you put Mom, Dad, Grace, and Annabel together, you feel that they must share genes!

Grace and Mom are so much alike! If they could sit and read a book for HOURS they would be satisfied, UNLESS you are in the kitchen and they both will be in there working. They both would prefer not to have the spotlight on them but are glad to help anyone who needs their assistance. They are both kind and gentle and prefer some curl in their hair!

Annabel and Dad cannot imagine there is a need for a line ANYWHERE! They would go crazy if you made them stay inside all the time. They need to be outside and they have to have a job to do. They both can work circles around me and are tireless in their energy. BUT will sit down and watch their favorite TV shows and cannot be disturbed.

Genetics or environment?

It would be difficult to determine, especially since so much of their personality was "set" before they were adopted. The adoption community talks about a red thread that connects you to your child in China. It must have also connected their grandparents.

If you are not from Texas, the title line probably does not make sense, but it is a common bumper sticker down here!

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