Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day, labor and fun!

Special note: spell check isn't working and I am too tired to check my spelling! Sorry!

Thank goodness that Mom and Dad could check in. Cell phones are great things!

Annabel had almost made herself crazy going to see if Mom and Dad had surprised us by returning early! Each time a car honked or seemed to slow down, she was looking for them.

Mom and Dad are also the only ones who seem to have enjoyed today too! What is it about Labor Day that makes us all think we have to accomplish our LONG to do lists? At least for most they only have a 4 day work week. Unforunately, not for me. I come up with these "brilliant" ideas at work and then when the planned day comes about, I wish I had not! We are expecting 300+ on Saturday for our Grandparent Palooza, a program to help grandparents remain active and healthy to enjoy their time with their grandchildren.

But back to Mom and Dad who will not be there for my big event. They had pulled into Juneau after a fairly bumpy ride the day before. It seems like most on the boat were affected by the constant rolling of the seas, including Mom. When she finally was able to get out of bed, she was told to eat a green apple. Thankfully this cruise takes good care of its customers and promptly provided mom with the apple. She felt better almost immediately! Good to know!

Dad was having a big time and "best friends" with everyone on the boat including the captain! When the two got separated in a long line, everyone was hollaring and whistling at Dad to get his attention and let him know where Mom was! In between buying souvenirs they have done a pretty good job of finding ALL the foods they like. For one meal Dad had steak, ribs, and salmon. The thought makes me sick! They were also enjoying fantastic scenery and overall enjoying Dad's birthday present!

We on the other hand, spent the morning trying to reclaim the flower bed from the Morning Glories. Now I love Morning Glories and used to be thrilled if I had one little bit come up. But these seeds must have been the turbo charged ones as they continue to come up EVERYWHERE, taking over all the other plants in the bed. So while I cleared them out, Grace and Annabel planted the new ones.

After we were through, I suggested going swimming, but Grace did not want to, she preferred to go the movies. Normally I insist that we go before noon for the cheapest rates, but I really wanted a nap first! Instead of doing our usual cereal for breakfast, I had made pancakes. Then for lunch had tried to make spaghetti with fresh tomatoes and broccoli, but seemed to have been too heavy handed with my salt and it was not too good! So I decided we had eaten so cheaply lately it was time to have fun.

This movie was so good. I had seen previews of it, but it did not do it justice. It is a Japanese animated cartoon, but the character had a lot of similar personality traits to Annabel! It was so much fun!

Afterward we made a trek to Central Market.

When grocery stores complain about a lack of business or sales, they should go visit Central Market. It has a HUGE produce section and some of absolutely everything. It also has a great meat, seafood, and bread selection. PLUS there is someone there who wants to help ensure you find just the right product.

The girls have testing all day on Tuesday and Wednesday and have to take a lunch that they cannot warm up. I fret trying to figure out something for Annabel in this situation. So we also went through all their "prepared" foods. She wanted Chinese dumplings, which I reminded her she would have to eat cold, but she did not care.

They had chicken wings on sale, so both girls got a pound of wings of their choice for dinner.

Unfortunately, by the time we finally got home, still without milk, I was afraid their stomachs could not handle the spiciness of the wings and they settled for Chinese noodles instead! I made a quick trip to Tom Thumb for their $.99 gallon of milk but had failed to read the small print which required you purchase $20! Not quite the same as Central Market!

The school has a website for parents and you can even subscribe for updates on the homework due the next week. Sweet! I love this school!

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