Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lots of soup!

A new record on number of pots of soup has been set in Dallas!

I have been making soup constantly since yesterday or at least it feels like it.

My friend Jamie has commented that rarely do things go as planned.

Today was definitely no exception.

Usually by the time my alarm goes off I hear at lest one of the girls in the bathroom and the other either singing or whistling. Grace whistles and Annabel sings. The dogs have usually come into my room several times reminding me that they need to go outside.

This morning there wasn't a single sound.

No dogs even.

I looked at the clock, just sure I had dreamed my alarm going off, but it still showed 6:00 a.m.

I pressed the snooze and thought we were all just a little slow getting up.

When the alarm went off for the thousandth time I realized that no one else was awake or at least until Annabel came in and told me her throat was sore and what should she do. Grace was still asleep and even the dogs could not be bothered.

I knew when I sent them to school yesterday that I really should have kept them both home as the sore throats and coughs that had started Sunday were getting worse.

I sent Annabel back to bed and let the dogs out and called in for a day off and went back to bed, not feeling too well myself.

Grace came and woke me up to let me know she was hungry.

My friend Holly, another mom to China girls sends me these great recipes to fix for my girls, but I am just not very adventurous or too scared to try, so I make up my own Chinese dishes for the girls, especially when they are sick

Today I scrambled eggs, tofu, bacon, rice, and hot chili oil for their breakfast. They ate all of it. Yuck!

It's funny how different the girls are in everything they do, even being sick.

Grace stayed in her pajamas and robe all day.

Annabel put on jeans and a t shirt, with houseshoes and robe for most of the day.

Grace lays on the couch.

Annabel lays on the floor with the dogs.

Grace moves slowly and coughs

Annabel finally is bouncing off the walls.

I made more soup for their lunch and then started new batches for dinner. Mom evidently has the flu and Dad had a tough time at the dentist today. Everyone was needing comfort food.

Hopefully everyone will feel better tomorrow. I have so much work to do and such a dirty house it is hard to take a day off, but my body did not feel like doing more than being chef today. Tonight I won't plan on how tomorrow will be, that way it can surprise me.

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