Thursday, September 3, 2009

Major problems!

Yes the news was covering all the major conflicts across the world, but they missed a couple that I had to deal with tonight.

In our house were major dilemmas.

Tomorrow, for one of the few days of the WHOLE school year, the girls are able to wear what they want to school!

Of course everyone will be looking at what they WEAR, right? No, but if you are a pre-teen, you are sure they are! PLUS the one t shirt that Annabel wanted to wear was missing. She immediately gives up! After checking the laundry baskets of clean and dirty clothes, she is sure it is just gone! I insist it has to be somewhere in her room then, which of course, it was.

Then next door, Mom and Dad are trying to pack for their cruise.

One of my parents is a clothes horse and really needs a steamer trunk! The other would make do with a couple changes of clothes. With the new costs of checking your bags it does make a difference. To check 2 bags will be an additional $80! But to carry them around the airport makes you feel it is well worth any price!

Something tells me that conflict has not been resolved! I'm just thankful that I will wear one of my usual "work uniforms"! BUT shorts and a t shirt sound better!

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