Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What day is it?

The problem with getting sick is you are never sure whether it is the germ or the treatment that is worse. When you are stopped up you are willing to take almost anything to feel better, but then you just make that marshmallowy feeling in your brain worse! Maybe it is more like cotton or stuffing. I feel like Winnie the Pooh realizing my head is full of fluff.

Growing up in the house next door to mine, we always retreated to the den at night. From those windows we had a bird's eye view of my current kitchen windows.

Each night the lights would come on as the man who lived here would stand at the sink, washing dishes, feeding cats, or whatever he did. We would always announce that Laby was home. This wasn't his name, but what we called him. Maybe our family is just weird, but I can still hear all of us at one point announcing that he was home.

Eventually it was Jana that we would see standing at the sink.

Then of course it was too sad to look out the window as we knew Jana was no longer standing at her sink.

Now I am the one always standing at the sink and I am not feeding cats, but kids, which these days feels like a full time job.

I realize that I was also looking out and seeing if Mom and Dad were still up. Wednesdays, of course they still were. It is Law and Order night and both would be in their specific seats watching the crime be solved.

BUT Dad has his birthday and the one thing he wanted was a GIANT TV and since none of us bought it, he bought it himself. The den is full of windows so that would never do for this monstrous new TV and he relocated their Law and ORder watching to the Living Room. Now I never know if they are staying up late or not!

Monday was Grace and my anniversary of being mother and daughter.

Annabel wanted me to do something special for Grace to commemorate the day.

But if your head is full of fluff all you really want to do is go to bed.

No dining on top of the ball, just a home cooked meal of something, which was so impressive I cannot remember what it was! But Annabel kept after me that I needed to do something special.

I used to always have gifts on hand for Grace because I had SO much trouble not buying everything I thought she might want. That closet is so empty now just trying to keep up with the current celebration. I did have on hand a Nintendo game that I had never returned which I had bought for someone else.

That was all I had to give her and she looked at it like, huh???? Annabel tried to rescue me and say how wonderful that gift was.

I made a quick recovery and told her we would go to Pappadeaux's for a special celebration on Saturday.

Annabel announced she did not want to go as she does not like fish. I reminded her that lobster tails, crab, and octopus are all fish, but I think she wanted Grace and I to have a "special" celebration.

Grace also lost one of her last 2 baby teeth this week. So far the Tooth Fairy has not remembered. I hope tonight will be different.

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