Friday, September 18, 2009

What a week!

My computer crashed last week.

Right before we were picking up Mom and Dad at the airport, I had just enough time to check my email before my computer refused to work any more. It's a Dell and just over a year old.

It helps to have siblings who know much more about computers than you do and to have "extra" computers! I dropped mine off for Mark to check it out and took over the one that Lisa had given to the girls to use for school.

So I have had enough access, just not the speed of my computer. Plus, it is kind of hard to take away the computer that your daughter is using for her homework, just so you can catch up with your blog.

All of these are excuses as to why there have not been updates recently.

But the difference in our lives between this Friday and last Friday are phenomenal.

First off, Mom and Dad were not home from their trip yet. Tonight, when we came toward our house and spotted Mom and Dad outside, a cheer came up from the back seat! The girls were so excited to see Mom and Dad out and almost as if we had a welcoming committee.

Last Friday I was facing working all day on Saturday at an event that had taken a year in planning with a 100% chance of rain. And of course, the event focused on older adults, so you are torn between wanting people to take advantage of all the fantastic program and staying home where they will be safe and out of the rain! Plus I did not have my usual back ups since Mom and Dad were still in Alaska. Thankfully Marcie offered to take over and I could leave without worry.

Enough people came to the event that everyone was satisfied, the girls had a great time with Marcie, and then before we knew it, it was time to pick up Mom and Dad at the airport. I put on a big pot of soup before we left since I knew it would be late and they had been traveling ALL day.

The drive to and from the airport was probably the most dangerous thing to happen with the rain coming down pretty steady, but it also caused the flight to be delayed just enough that Annabel started to get antsy. It seemed like all of a sudden they appeared from the opposite direction we expected, but it didn't matter, because they were home safe!

After soup, souvenirs, and a few stories I think the girls and I were satisfied and could call it a day.

I'm not sure if it was the fact that I had to work on Saturday or that it rained almost continually all week, but this was a little harder week to get up and out each day. It was so dark one day that we slept until 6:30! That day we ran out without breakfast or lunches, but thankfully a new McDonalds has opened on the way!

That night I knew I did not want to repeat the morning's mistakes, so I made a big pot of rice with bacon and vegetables for breakfast and started the lunches. Some of our days are really long, especially the days the girls get out at 5:00. So at that point we are still facing our drive home, dinner, and at least a couple of hours of homework. But the experiences they have had in just the first month at this school make it all well worth it.

Recently the ESL (English as a second language) teacher had asked if I would consider being the parent on the LPAC (language proficiency Advisory Committee). So this week I met with the other 2 members to go through the students' files to see who should and should not receive "special" services for language barriers. A big difference at this school is the large number of native languages. I was glad to get the opportunity to learn more about the process and each interaction makes me glad that Annabel will have the chance to learn here.

The one thing I came away with from that meeting is that Annabel MUST get on the computer. For one thing, all the class assignments are on the computer and she has to learn to check it to make sure she does not miss anything. Also, a lot of their assignments require computer interaction. As i mentioned earlier, Lisa gave the girls one of their older laptops. the only trouble is that Grace has pretty much claimed it. Plus Annabel needs help in learning the computer, much less reading and writing anything on the computer. So I went in search of a desk top, something I have been without since I first started working at the hospital 10 years ago. I bought one at the first place I looked and then went in search of a computer desk. Of course at the next store I found a much larger computer for the same price, but did not find a computer desk. So the computer is still in the box, but hope to find time this week to get it set up and teach Annabel a few things to help her with her home work and not just to email her friends and classmates!

The rest of the week feels somewhat like a blur of rainy days.

We were late getting home because there was a middle school social today. What a fantastic idea to build camaraderie among the students, but also among the parents who volunteer to help. Plus the whole thing was free! There were so many parents that no one had too much to do and could check on their children while the children chose not to recognize their parents! Pre-teen is a difficult time to be dependent on your parents!

One of the benefits of volunteering was meeting some of the friends I have heard so much about. Annabel wanted to make sure I met her friend from band, Cayla. Eventually I realized this very small boy with a shock of blond hair kept hanging out by us. This was Cayla. They are in band together and had a piece of notebook paper for her. Surely she doesn't think I am that dumb! When she got in the car she wanted to make sure I agreed that he was VERY good looking!

Tomorrow evening, I have been invited to a birthday celebration for a local literary icon, Emma Rogers. I am looking forward to an evening out of my usual Disney entertainment! Plus the rain is supposed to stop and looking forward to spending some time outside.

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