Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dim Sum for a celebration

First, I don't care where you are or who are you or how old you are, if you have not gotten a flu shot, please get it tomorrow. If you have never had a pneumonia shot, please talk to your doctor. If you have had a pneumonia shot and it has been more than 5 years ago, talk to your doctor about another one. Thank you!

When I sat down tonight, pulled the laptop on my lap and started to try to catch up on my blog, it obviously made me a magnet!

Grace brought a paper with answers of what impacted the development of the west in the mid 1800's. She needed a LOT of help on this. Dad thinks their homework is too hard for him now!

As soon as I got started with Grace, Annabel brought her flute and insists that it won't play D. So I move the laptop, take the flute, while trying to read Grace's answers. Is that multi tasking or what?

Yesterday afternoon on the way home from work Grace told me she is writing an essay on what democracy means to her. Annabel asked a few questions and suddenly I hear Grace explaining the difference of a democracy and a monarchy. And she did a great job of it!

I realize that I am not having as much time to write my blog because of the amount of homework the girls have. Before we started this school that was a recurring theme I heard, was the amount of homework was HUGE. They were not exaggerating. BUT the girls do not seem to mind. They accept it. But the type of homework they are doing requires help. I understand why this school can accomplish so much because the students and parents are required to help in the learning.

Tonight I dropped them off at the hospital for the National Night Out celebration and ran home, too tired to enjoy it. Now I did not just drop them off for an event helter skelter. Dad was volunteering at the event and that motivated them to go. They came home with bags of GREAT STUFF! Actually one thing was a new pot holder. Yea! But it did make dinner and homework go much later.

Because we had done so little for Mid Autumn Harvest Moon Festival, I decided we needed to go to a NICE Chinese restaurant for dim sum. I had always heard of Maxim's in Richardson and we headed there after church.

This was my first experience with dim sum and did not know how it worked. I was sure the waiter spoke English when we ordered drinks, but the explanation was definitely Chinese.

Actually I thought dim sum meant "small bowls" but Wikipedia says it means "touch the heart".

The food is placed on carts in small metal tins that stack up with the same item, in small servings, and a lid on top. Most dishes are steamed so the tins have holes in them. Each cart has a lot of these stacks of different dishes. As they come around they will show you what is on their cart and you decide if you want it or not.

The picture above was one of the girls' FAVORITES! Yes, that is chicken feet. Grace says they have lots of bones in them. I don't think I will ever know because I don't see me trying them any time soon.

There were so many of their favorites that our table was soon covered with small tins containing a variety of dumplings, ribs, and buns. About the time that Annabel thought she was full another cart came with more favorites. Some things were so good they had to have a second serving.

The one drawback is that each little tin is priced separately. Wow! It was not cheap. This week we are all taking lunch to offset that cost! But I am glad we got to celebrate!

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