Monday, October 12, 2009

Fun in Oak Cliff

What a great weekend! Now if you live in Dallas you know the weather did not help and we did not have the sunny skies we normally do at this time of year, but overall, it was really a great weekend.

Saturday we started off getting the dogs their medicine, picked up our tickets for the Oak Cliff home tour, and then on to the Bishop Arts District. There were so many great things happening at once in Oak Cliff that it was hard to fit it all in, but we tried.

The Bishop Arts District has seen a lot of changes in my lifetime. I am not sure I remember it from its original heyday, but do remember when there was a bowling alley and Mom and Dad would go bowling with all of us in tow. This weekend it was a hubbub of activity with the Urban Bazaar.

It seems like forever since we went shopping, especially just to see pretty things, so it was fun to look at some of the Bishop Arts stores. We found some body spray at Shambhala on sale for the girls to have after gym, since there is not time for showers. If you are not familiar with Shambhala, you should check it out. Here is their link .

We also wanted to check out Boomstick Comics. When the girls had spent the morning with Marcie, she took them there for a soda. They had the Ramune Sodas, which is something we had discovered in China and the Asian markets. They are really good and each bottle has a marble in the top. You can read about them here .

For next Saturday's Culture Day, I volunteered to bring some Chinese snacks for the older girls to sell to raise money for the Phillip Hayden Foundation. I hope some of these links work! . I was hoping the owner would sell me some of this beverages and other Chinese snacks at cost, so we could actually have a chance to make a profit. There the girls each got a REAL Coke Cola (in Annabel's language) and some Pop Rocks!

From there we ran into Marcie and Drew having breakfast tacos for lunch at El Jordan. It seemed like such a good idea, we joined them. Grace and I had breakfast tacos, but Annabel decided on pancakes. Sometimes I think she orders the first thing I suggest. But we were all remarking on how great their hot sauce is and Annabel didn't have anything to put it on, so she made something new, pancakes with syrup and hot sauce! She insisted that it was delicious! YUCK!

The main problem with the Oak Cliff home tour is you return to your house sure that you need to start knocking out walls, landscaping, and tearing out your kitchen. It is great seeing these homes redone and enjoyed!

We were supposed to meet some of the other families with children from China for dinner to drop off our donation for the culture day at the Purple Cow. We actually got there a few minutes early and while I tried to find something to donate for culture day, the girls went into Justice, where they had EVERYTHING 40% off! When I went to get the girls I asked if they had found anything good. Annabel took me to some crazy toy she wants for Christmas. Instead I suggested they find something new to wear to church. It does help wearing a uniform during the week as it cuts down on the need for clothes.

After much discussion we found really cute longer sweaters, tanks, and leggings for each. I need to get a camera so I can post their pictures!

We always enjoying meeting our friends that we have met with FCC (families with children from China). After dinner we followed on to the I Heart Yogurt store. It is supposed to be the shape of a heart, but not sure if I can put one in here! If you haven't tried one of these places, you get a BIG cup and then put in as much yogurt from 8 different flavors as you want. Then they have a huge variety of toppings, fruit, candy, nuts. At the end they weigh it for the price. It was great!

This morning when the alarm went off this morning, I wasn't sure if I could make it to church. I started the coffee looking for something that would give me that boost I needed. About that time Dad called and said that Mom was really sick again and had a hard night. Grace was also not feeling well, so we both stayed home with Mom during church. I fixed some lunch and afterward the girls worked on their homework.

This afternoon I had a meeting for our new community garden. I am so excited about the prospects and anxious to get started.

The girls have tomorrow off for Columbus Day and I am taking the day off too. I thought we would go to the fair, but with Oprah being there, I expect the crowds will be crazy! Annabel wants to go to the movies. As rainy and chilly as it has been, a movie does sound nice. We will see.

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