Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy Mid Autumn Moon Festival!

Today is Mid Autumn Moon Festival.

This is one of the most important celebrations in China. it is all about family and the most traditional food involved is the moon cake. After Jana adopted Darcey, I remember her buying moon cakes for us the first year. They are absolutely beautiful small round with lots of delicate designs and when you cut into them, they look somewhat like a pecan pie. BUT they are made of lotus seed paste and sometimes have a boiled egg in the middle or have red bean paste in the middle.

This is why I am not a good mother to Chinese daughters because I did not like any of the choices of flavors of moon cakes.

They are about $25 for a box of 6 and only available in the Chinese markets or from the internet.

I decided I would make my own.

we started the day at Calloways for the pumpkin celebratoin and a place for me to spend too much money on more plants that I hoped Dad would decide to help me plant.

From there we spent the Mid Autumn Festival at Costoc, of course! Maybe we can make it a tradition!

The next stop was for the traditional Mid Autumn Festival meal of Braum's hamburgers. At least they were round like the full moon!

After we got home, we tackled our dirty house. Probably to celebrate the festival we should have already done that! While the girls started their homework, I started planting my new plants. Thankfully Dad did take pity on me and made short order of them since it started to rain.

The girls are in charge of feeding a friend's fish while he is out of town, so I thought we should ride our bikes for a little exercise and then stop at the National Night Out for our neighborhood.

We can fit a lot into a day!

On our way back from feeding the fish and before we made it to the National Night Out, we passed a new salon that had opened in the neighborhood. OK, this probably sounds crazy, but I decided I had to have my eyebrows waxed right then and there. So after she got started I thought to ask if they took credit cards. See I never go without my debit card with my cell phone. But this time it was of no use. They did take debit or credit.

I asked the girls if they could ride to our house, get my money, and come back. These are the same streets my cousin and I rode and I thought it would be ok.

BUT my mother has become the grandmother and when they got to her house, she decided this was not a good idea. I think it is easier to let your kids ride their bikes in the neighborhood, than it is your grandkids!!!

Dad got called in ensure that everyone was safe, money delivered, and back home again. In between we did stop by the National Night Out and met some of our neighbors.

The rain started again so Grace went home with Dad and Annabel and I rode our bikes home. Thank goodness Mom had made soup which was just right for the festival dinner!

So back to the Moon Cakes.

I meant to buy pie crust and I could just see me rolling it out and cutting it into circles and filling them with peach pie filling or strawberry jelly. Only I forgot to buy pie crust at Costco and I don't have enough flour or whatever it takes to make a pie crust, so while at Braum's I decided the biscuits on sale would work just as well.

Tonight while the girls finished up their homework I went to work on my moon cakes.

I rolled out the biscuits, but it was not nearly as romantic as the pie crust vision in my mind. And the peaches were quite large, so I could either cut them up or use just one slice per moon cake. It was after 7:00 on a Saturday night, so one slice of peach was just the ticket.

I wasn't sure if they were going to work, but I put a little melted butter on the top and covered them with cinnamon and sugar.

The girls decided they liked these moon cakes! I have to admit they tasted a lot like a biscuit with peach jelly in them, but for traditions sake, I think they worked!!

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