Friday, October 9, 2009

Homemade Hobo Dancing

Annabel jumped in the car this afternoon announcing that she was hungry.

From that came a conversation about what was for dinner, which I had not really even given any thought to!

Food stayed the primary topic of our conversation all the way home.

Next Saturday is our Families with Children from China Culture Day. It is a great opportunity for families to enjoy some education and fun, entertainment and shopping with everything focused around China.

Anyway, I was asked to get some Chinese snacks for the older girls to sell at a snack stand to raise money for children still in China.

So, since Annabel was on the subject of food, I asked what snacks she liked best from China.

Her first answer was popcorn.

I have only been to China twice, but did not notice any popcorn. I really thought it was more of an American invention.

Popcorn? Oh yes, she had it when she went to the movie theaters in China.

Really? Just trying to think of how you managed to go to movie theaters in China.

OK, what other snacks did you like in China?

Rice Krispies.

She was sure that China had also invented Rice Krispies.

The chance of getting some help on selecting snacks seemed shot when she went on to tell me what she would really wanted to do tonight - eat popcorn, drink coke cola, eat snacks, and watch movies of something I did not really understand.

So she decided she wanted to watch movies of homemade hobo dancing. Yea, I don't know what it is either.

When we got home, I popped popcorn, actually in a pan and not the microwave! Delicious!

Mom came over and while we tried to talk, Grace wanted us to see what they had learned in PE, a routine that goes with the Michael Jackson song, "Thriller".

All of a sudden, Annabel turned around in her chair with her big bowl of popcorn and announced she was getting to do what she wanted - eat popcorn and watch homemade hobo dancing!

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  1. This is hilarious!! Homemade Hobo Dancing!!