Sunday, October 25, 2009

If I had not fallen asleep by 8:30 each night, I could have updated all the thousands of things that went on this weekend! Now I have to rely on my memory and will know I will leave out the best details.

So I will go backward and hope to remember it all!

The last thing on our agenda for the weekend was looking for Halloween costumes. I needed to check out paint colors and knew a way to drag the girls to Lowes was to promise Halloween costumes at the end at Wal Mart, my least favorite store, especially on a Sunday afternoon!

This is just Annabel's second ever Halloween. Thankfully she had been here a couple of months before last year's Halloween and caught on pretty quickly. She knew she wanted to be an angel and was so cute dancing around in her costume. The concept of going door to door and asking for candy was a little weird though. She asked me tonight what that thing is you say to ask for candy. I realized with my Texas drawl it comes out as one word, trickrtreat. She wanted to know what a trick was and why we say that. Good questions!

For Grace, her first Halloween came within two weeks of coming from China and my first two weeks of being a mom.

Halloween was Jana's favorite holiday and she had us at Target as soon as we came home from China looking for costumes. No waiting until the last week for her!

I was shocked at how much costumes cost and I refused to pay the price, so we opted for a "dress up" kit for Grace instead.

Grace was one of the few adoptees that did not come looking malnourished and instead wore a larger size than I expected. She had a foster mother that was still giving her a bottle of milk with sugar in it for bedtime.

So these "dress up" clothes were really way too small. I didn't know and she sure didn't know!

With no shared language and my lack of skills as a mom, I let her wear them to mom and dad's to meet Uncle George. I still get so tickled thinking about how she looked that day. The back barely met and it was velcro. The shoes were plastic high heels and the skirt was really short.

I called and warned Mom and Dad to be prepared. Thank goodness she could not understand what I said.

I learned a great lesson that year. Buy the costume they want, almost regardless of the price, so you don't waste a ton of money on things they won't wear or won't fit.

That being said, Annabel had decided she wanted to be Scooby Doo, or a dog, or a tiger. The main problem with those, the costumes are for toddlers! None for a size 10-12. I tried to talk her into a white coverall from Lowes and go as a hazmat person. At this point, she has no clue what a hazmat person is, but I thought it was hysterical. From there I talked her into turning it into a dog costume. Thankfully the woman at Lowes talked us into buying sweats and pinning on spots instead. Annabel would have been swallowed by the coverall and hopefully she can wear the sweats again.

BUT when we got to Wal mart she was not so sure about the sweat shirt. She felt it would be too hot, but I insisted she try it on. Then she wore it the rest of the time until Grace suggested she take it off. Then she was COLD! I hate to always be right but I am !!!

Grace on the other hand wanted to be Dorothy from Wizard of Oz. Wish i knew where she came up with that idea as she really does not remember the movie very well. Just that she called it Wizard of the Boz and that her cousin Marcie gave her some great ruby red slippers that are now 5 sizes too small.

It is almost impossible to find Grace a children's costume, so we looked in the adults. I guess I had not realized that most adults want to "enhance" their image through their uniforms, so the necklines are cut VERY low and the hems are VERY short! Even for Dorothy! We finally found just the right costumes!

Now we can't wait for Gillian and Darcey to come! We think Gillian is going to be a cowgirl. Annabel suggested that Darcey could be one of those people who take care of cows, like a cow mother or something like that. She wasn't sure what it was called. I told her I wished she had chosen to be a cow and I would have been a cow mom!

Gillian texted me yesterday that Darcey was getting her ears pierced! How brave is that?

Grace and Annabel enjoyed another stint of pet sitting, only they learned a LOT more this time. Last time was taking care of fish in a koi pond. This time was cats and that included the need to scoop the poop. GROSS! We won't have an indoor cat any time soon.

We thought we had lost one of the cats, but it showed up today. Yesterday we couldn't get the door to lock. I think Moms need a cut off the top on pay. Annabel is thrilled at the prospect of earning more money. She has a tendency to spend it as soon as she gets it and has a LONG list of things to spend it on.

Last night we went to Macy's for the end of the Clinique Bonus week.

Yes, they are too young for makeup even though EVERYONE else in 6th grade wears makeup! But I really wanted to get them on a skin cleaner routine to avoid what I went through as a teenager.

If you know Clinique products, they have a 3 step process. That's all, just 3 steps.

The lady was so sweet and showed them how to do each step, trying it out on them. She even put a little blush and eye make up on them which it was difficult to notice. They felt quite exotic! And mature! Annabel fought against it but it was quite obvious that she wanted to try it, just was terribly unsure of herself about it. Then she beamed with the end result.

For just 3 steps, there must have been a MILLION questions. Once we got home questions about using it in addition to washing your face in the shower, which product comes first (the bottles are numbered), how do you put it on, where are the cotton balls, etc.

Thankfully faces were cleaned, toned, and moisturized appropriately and everyone made it to bed on time.

Saturday morning was our first work day on our community garden.

Two years ago I started looking for a place for Dad to be able to garden. When Mom and Dad bought my grandmother's house, Dad enjoyed the hard work and results of a big garden. He planted gardens in everyone's lot that would let them.

Originally talk was about starting a garden at the girls' school, but it was taking forever to materialize. I have a tendency to be more pragmatic and just want to get something started. I knew if I could get it started, that Dad would make sure that it was taken care of! I never would have dreamed it could take a full 2 years. Or has it been more?

The members of the community garden group would meet regularly discussing potential sites. Soon I realized that the hospital had lots of empty space and began trying to find who would be responsible for giving permission for us to dig.

It took a while, but permission was granted and Saturday was our first day to work.

After Dad took a look at the lot we were going to use, I am sure he wished I had not done him any favors! But of course, Dad was willing to help and was the first one there with his lawn mower loaded and ready to tackle a very soggy, overgrown, fire ant infested, glass and gravel filled lot! This in spite of the fact that his back was killing him from tearing off their old deck and beginning the process of rebuilding. I wish I had that kind of stamina! After we finished, Dad came home and mowed our yards! I took a nap.

Rain is in the forecast again. I wish I had bought gas!

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