Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A jumbled house!

Right now our TV is ressting precariously on the piano bench, which seems extremely wobbly tonight.

The piano is blocking the French doors into the dining room.

The China cabinet is in the middle of the dining room.

The entertainment center seems more wobbly than ever!

So I thought I would sit down and blog.

For once the day started off with no rain and actually seeing the skies lighten made it feel like we were in for a great day.

My day took me out to our other hospital with a presentation on breast and colon cancer and genetics, followed by flu shots.

The crowd was smaller than usual, but the number of treats was the same. At this location they serve pre-packaged goodies, like small packages of oreos, chips, nuts, etc. This was more than most of the crowd could handle and they were very much like kids trick or treating. Each uncovered an even more desirable snack than their seatmates, so many trips were made to dig in the goodie basket.

Of course, this was somewhat distracting to the speakers.

Before this program was over, people began arriving for the flu shots, which again distracted the speaker, as most speak in a "stage whisper".

The snacks were accompanied by a punch waterfall.

One of the women arriving for the flu shots complained loudly that there was no ice in the punch! Did not seem to notice the elegance of the punch waterfall!

I fielded lots of complaints that we did not have the H1N1 vaccine, even though the county has just now gotten the first doses in Dallas and still have not figured out a way to administer them. I guess they recognize that I am a miracle worker!

On the drive home, the girls were eating some chips.

Grace commented that there were LOTS of chips in her bag and wondered how many.

Without blinking an eye, Annabel answered, "23".

You just have to laugh when she comes up with these things.

We stopped at Sam's so I could price t shirts, but was so distracted by a crying, sccreaming boy, I lost my mind instead! I don't understand parents that will allow their child to be in such misery that they have to wail like that. Obviously something is wrong, whether is it real or perceived, something is wrong!

Anyway that made us in a major traffic jam and I was anxious to get out of the chaos and into the house.

I just thought I had seen chaos on the freeway.

There were 5 men in my house with various parts torn up, one supervising, Dad, of course, and 2 dogs barking their head off on the back porch.

Too bad I did not take before pictures so then I could post progress pictures, but hopefully will get some on here sooner or later.

There were two men moving the telephone line, so the girls could have a temporary work station on the computer and then put in the permanent line for when the construction is complete.

The problem with the initial remodel is we keep coming up with more to do! These guys have great ideas and are making it look great. But right now it has only been a week and expected time was two weeks. With all the extras, I hope they are through by Christmas! They are so careful of cleaning up each day and trying to keep the mess to a minimum, but today I had a BAD surprise.

When they had turned off the electricity to move some of the plugs, for some reason the plug for the stove and the small refrigerator did not work again. So for about a week, the little refrigerator has had my crock pot full of chicken and rice soup. That was quite an odor.

So I am trying to clear that out, take out the trash, answer questions about where I want what plug, and do I really want to move the water heater to the attic, and am I sure the stove has worked in the past?

The last one reminds me of when my car would break down and men would ask if it had gas in it.

Yes, I was sure my stove had worked prior to them turning off the electricity!

Each time the dogs hear my voice they bark more. We have trapped them on our tiny back porch and the men working are scared to death of them. So no matter how much they bark, they are not getting out. But they can sure cause plenty of annoyance. Kind of like the little boy in Sam's! Only I could not fix it for them either, since the men moving the plugs were in and outside, so they had to stay trapped.

Meanwhile, next door at Mom and Dad's, Mom has fried chicken and baked potatoes ready. I've had a virus and have not eaten much the last two days, so I was STARVING! Mom hated to start eating without Dad, but he had to supervise the work over here!

My plan is to move the TV into the dining room, the piano into the living room, andd all the pieces that go with each, plus set up the computer for the temporary work station.

So I started moving furniture and then felt I needed a break. Thank goodness Grace has the ability to put things together and while I have been typing, has moved the computer onto the table, put it all back together, and ready to move the DSL.

I just hope I can get out of bed in the morning!

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