Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Knock down that wall!

No more cooking! Yea!

Or at least I am going to say I can't for a while.

A house built in the 1920's needed a wall between the kitchen and dining room to keep the heat and the "help" out.

Today, I need the wall down so I can see who is at the door, what the girls are doing, and not feel so isolated.

Tonight's activities are clearing out things on both sides of this wall, which was way too much stuff and helping Annabel with homework.

Neither activity have I done very well, especially since I need to unplug and move the computer, but keep needing it to look up antonyms.

Sitting on my kitchen counter is the remains of our dinner. I thought I was being so brilliant putting chicken and rice in the crockpot before I left. Only our days are too long or my crockpot cooks too fast so we ended up with mush!

I will be glad to take a break from cooking.

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