Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat!

My bathroom and shower have a rock star, a Dalmatian, a cow girl, and Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, trying to get make up, hair paint, and an overdose of sugar out so they can go to bed.

The outside things are coming off with the water.

The inside accumulation of too much sugar will take a while to wear off.

This is the first Halloween that we have been wtih Gilian and Darcey in a while and it made it so much fun! This was just the second Halloween Annabel has ever had so she was especially excited about it. Gillian is so much like her mother, that Halloween is one of her favorite holidays. We discussed this evening that Jana LOVED all holidays, and I think Gillian is just like her. Any excuse to celebrate and be together!

Grace and Darcey are the quieter of the quartet when they are all together, but ready for whatever is planned and intent on a good time.

The Austin crew arrived last night. Lisa says she has returned to being chopped liver if she arrives with the girls. The fatted calf is no longer slain for her arrival. Now it is whatever Gillian and Darcey want, which thankfully is the same as Lisa wants.

Since our kitchen and breakfast room are now in our living room, there was no place for our usual sleepover arrangement, so all four girls stayed at Mom and Dad's. If I had not been so tired, it might have felt weird to be home all alone.

We started our Saturday at church for breakfast. Everyone had to comment on how tall Gillian is. She is going to catch me soon. All four really love all the older people at church and very patient with all the hugs and questions.

From there we had to go to Tom Thumb and buy two more pumpkins so when Marcie, the artist in residence, came to help carve, we would be ready. Only I forgot to buy her one! Yikes!

After I paid the two guys working on my kitchen yesterday, one called back to tell me the bank would not cash my check, as there was no money in there. Oops!

So we also had to make an emergency trip to the bank to cover the check and others that were quickly coming through. I HATE when that happens. The NSF fees eat my lunch!

Our next stop was Lake Cliff Park where I had volunteered us to help spread mulch. I'm not sure that we were much help, but we did what we could! I love for them to have the opportunity to do volunteer work and get that started early.

Lisa and I took off for the Bishop Arts District while everyone else chowed down on Sonic burgers. It is such much fun to show Lisa all the new neat stores and restaurants down there and it is even more fun that we don't have to go to North Dallas for something good to eat and places to shop.

Lisa wanted to find some flowy type of outfit to make pictures with angel wings. Not sure I knew what that meant, but there were several places to look and she find two perfect items at Zola's, a vintage dress shop.

The best was last and she treated me to the best iced latte that I have had in months from Espumoso. She had a guava and cream cheese fried pie looking thing and insisted it was the best dessert she had ever had. It was so good she had to bring one to Dad!

Time was running out to get ready for Halloween and we still had not put up our decorations.

Thankfully the cute boy from across the street, who is smitten by Gillian, came to help. When the plan for spider webs from the Lowes website did not quite work out, we all walked up to the dollar store.

What a flashback or deja vu or whatever! We were on the same route that we walked to Skillerns for the same kind of things! Only we never had a cute boy accompanying us!

Between all of them, we have a giant spider web across the porch, strobe lights strung through it and the pumpkins and we were ready, only no one had their costume on and we had not eaten!

After a quick dinner of Mom's world famous roast, we applied make up and hair paint, made pig tails for Dorothy, and ran to Evan's Halloween party.

We had been invited to several things, but Gillian really does not like to be too far from "home", so the invitation from Evan was just around the corner. Thank goodness we got to start the evening off on a sugar rush before we even started trick or treating!

We hit a couple of blocks around the party and Gillian was ready to come home.

Since I had to clean out last year's candy for them to reuse their trick or treat bags, I knew we did not need to do much trick or treating. Yes, I am on top of keeping this house spotless, except the trick or treat bags. Actually we still had valentine and Easter candy too, which I gave some of away. Well, some of the people who show up at our house are older than teenagers and I thought it would be ok.

The best part for all of them was being back home and passing out candy.

Zach, the smitten pre-teen, decided he would rather stay and pass out candy than go with his buddies trick or treating. I wonder why this was everyone's favorite part of the night.

We passed out all the valentine hearts, Easter bunnies, and Halloween candy bought this year while Zach entertained everyone pretending to be a ninja.

Tomorrow life returns to normal as the Austin troop leaves early and all the homework and chores we ignored today, have to be done.

NO, I do not have pictures of Halloween! Lisa took some and better post them!

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