Monday, October 19, 2009

The weekend ending with bragging!

The last few days have left me so tired that I haven't taken the time to blog, but hope I can remember everything!

Saturday was our Families with Children from China Culture Day.

My first time to attend one of these was right after Darcey came home and Gillian was taking Chinese dance lessons. Somewhere I have the video of this event. Such a proud aunt, who still had no clue that I would ever be a mom.

That culture day was in Austin and the first time I had ever seen the Lion Dance. If you have never seen the Lion or Dragon dance, it is what you think of from Chinese New Year's celebrations with all the people under a long costume and a giant dragon or lion head up front. What you probably have never seen is the orchestration of the performers or what a fantastic production it is, not to mention how loud with drums, cymbals, and other noise makers going.

So this is a picture of a lion dance

It's always terrifying to all the little kids! But adults can appreciate the hard work involved.

Jana was adamant about keeping the connection to China for her girls and I feel it made an impression on me.

For the first time, our culture day did not include lunch and started in the afternoon. But since I have been a member, I have either just returned from China or been about to go, so I have been limited on getting to volunteer much. This year I felt like it was important for us to get right in there.

So instead of lunch, the older girls had a snack stand, raising money for an agency that works with the children left in China. I had been asked to bring some "Chinese" snacks and another parent gave me directions to a Chinese market we had never been to.

That GPS that Mom and Dad gave me for Christmas is SO helpful when I head out to an unknown area! I do not waste nearly as much time being lost now!

This market was HUGE and had so many more things than the others. The only trouble is, it felt like we were almost to Oklahoma before we found it! It was a LONG ways from home.

My girls walk into these markets and their eyes just light up.

It's one of the few places they can go and feel back in China, but also know I will buy just about anything they want!

We bought a LOT of great snacks for the culture day and enough for the girls to have something for lunch!

We had a great time helping set up the events and I was so proud of how my girls jumped in and helped anyone who needed help. The man running the book store was especially appreciative of their help and gave Grace an extra discount on her book.

There were crafts, entertainment, classes, book sale, a wide variety of items from China for sale, but mostly a great time for all the kids from China to get together. We met several girls, close to the same age, who have just relocated here or were new to the activity.

Although it was a long day we had one more stop on Saturday.

My niece Marcie had some of her art on display at a place in the Bishop Arts District. She was also featured on the front page of the local paper. check out her story. Her pictures were definitely the best in the show!

I've been meeting with a potential contractor to do some work at our house. Ever since we moved in, I have wanted this one wall to have a door in it. The big problem is to get to the area to work on, LOTS of stuff will have to be moved out of the way and a new phone jack to get the girls on the internet for their homework.

So clearing out that area was my BIG goal for the weekend and NONE of it got done. Oh well!He didn't show up today and won't be here tomorrow either. I hate the idea of making this huge mess in my kitchen, but know it won't ever be easier!

Warning! More bragging!

By the time we got home Saturday, I was beat!

Annabel has put herself in charge of getting our "medicine", which is echinacea, zinc, and vitamin C. This is Dad's job and so I think she is proud to be charge of it here!

She brought me my vitamins.

I asked her if I had something to drink.

She came back with a glass of tea, then brought sweet and low and lemon! Wow! I am so impressed!

Then Grace had asked me about a million times what book I learned at the book fair. I wasn't sure why, until I got into bed and found she had used her own money to buy me a book about adoption that I really wanted. How incredibly sweet is that?

God has been so good to me.

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