Friday, October 16, 2009

A WHOLE lot of bragging!

Warning! This post contains considerable bragging!

Somehow it doesn't seem like bragging since I do not feel I can take credit for my daughters' behavior! I mean a lot of their personality was set by the time they became my daughters.

So here goes:

Yesterday morning as I dropped the girls off at school, the wind was very high. There was a man pushing a container, appeared to be of trash, across the parking lot. A big gust took a bunch of the papers and sent them airborne.

When Annabel gets out of the car, I always worry that the weight of her backpack, her lunch, flute, and gym clothes, could easily topple her over. Yesterday was no exception. She looks like a mountain climber packed for the duration of the trip across Mt. Everest!

But when the papers blew by her, she ran after them, stomping them with her big old saddle oxfords, until she caught all she could. She managed to bend down, without falling over, retrieve them and carry them back to the man who had lost them.

I have to say I was so proud of her. No one asked her to do it and she just immediatley went into action to help.

Our Sunday school teachers always taught that a true test of your character is how you will act even when no one is looking. She did not know anyone was looking, but willing to help out.

Now bragging on Grace.

One night this week we were playing Wii Fit. I am bound and determined to start some sort of exercise to get these pounds off!

I struggle with everyone of the activities and am lucky to score any points. Annabel is just like me and we both go to extremes trying to hit the ball, catch the hula hoop, or whatever is required.

Grace on the other hand, has all the top scores, on all the activities. Whereas Annabel and I will almost break our backs trying to catch the ball (pretend one) they are throwing, Grace barely moves and scores a perfect score!

Then Annabel got out her flute to try a new song, Jingle Bells. I will just have to record it so you can hear. Let's just say it is still a struggle for her.

Grace picks it up, has Annabel show her a few notes, and she plays it beautifully, like she has been under the private tutelage of James Galway! Then she moves onto the piano and starts picking out church songs, with no music, just from memory.

OK, bragging over for now.

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