Friday, November 20, 2009

Barbie's Dream House!

I feel like a kid on Christmas morning!

I walk into my kitchen and just in awe of how wonderful it is! It is so bright and airy and uncluttered! It is just beautiful! I realized last night if any of the men in my life had ever offered me a great kitchen, I probably would have married them.

I feel like I did when I first got a Barbie Dream Home. The possibilities are endless!

There is only one problem.

It is so uncluttered because all the stuff that should be in there is in the dining room, living room, and sun porch! I just don't want to mess it up again! I wonder how long I can live with all the clutter in the rest of the house if just this room remains cleared out??

Yesterday morning I left Grace at school with huge tears rolling down her cheeks. What a bad mother! I was just sure if she got there and got started she would forget about her arms hurting from the shots and that the fever would go down after the Tylenol.

But of course it did not work that way.

My phone rang by 10:30. It was the nurse letting me know that Annabel was there with a temperature and feeling dizzy. Annabel?? Really? She told me she was OK. I told the nurse to get Grace too and I would come pick them up. Grace's temperature continued to be high all day and night, but Annabel's slowly came down late last night. Both are home today due to the rule of being 24 hours without a temperature. Besides it is rainy and nasty outside and I do not want a repeat of a few weeks ago. Annabel is very mad that I will not let her go to school.

The fact that Annabel would not let me know she was not feeling well is why I am reading a new book, "The Connected Child". When the social worker was here recently she brought up some interesting points about the survival instincts of these children covering up the trauma that has been inflicted when they are so young. She started me thinking about the eleven years pre-adoption for Annabel. Because her history is so sketchy, I really have no idea what all took place. And she does not like to talk about it. Grace will, but even in the first few chapters, I can see that Grace retreats rather than deal with conflicts.

Gladney has a treasure in Amy Curtis. She is so kind and gentle in broaching difficult subjects. She is willing to help any way she can.

I guess I have dallied enough and the "stuff" is not moving by itself back into the kitchen.

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