Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cleaning is not good for your health!

When you have packed way too much stuff into a weekend, there is at least one thing I know you should not do on Sunday evening.

Go into your daughters' room and try to straighten up and rearrange furniture!

After, I think it has now been four weeks, of our kitchen under construction, we hope to be in the last week. This week will include staining the floor. With that comes the need to bar the kitchen from all traffic, which includes the dogs usual way out.

There are two back doors on our house. There are actually 6 doors out of this house, which seems like a LOT, but it was a duplex at one time. That is still a lot of doors. Unfortunately only two go into the backyard and if we try to take the dogs out the front, well, I don't want to have a repeat of other ventures which include Annabel and I running for blocks trying to catch Ollie.

But to "visually" close off some of the doors, I have put furniture in front of them. Plus it made me feel safer having it blocked since it was in the girls' room.

Now we needed out of it.

That entailed moving Grace's bed and ALL the stuff she keeps around it and on top of it and beside it and under it. Plus the need for a lot of just cleaning and I think we found two more loads of laundry of clothes hidden in their beds.

But we got it done and hopefully the week and the inconvenience will soon be a memory. I HOPE!!!

This afternoon I had organized a vegetable gardening class in association with our new community garden. We had it at the Bishop Arts District right in the middle of a new festival called Cliff Fest.

I think our speaker was thrown off a little when he realized he was speaking in a hair salon. But it worked out beautifully and we all learned something new.

It was a brilliant day to be out enjoying all the very positive changes to our neighborhood, but I had to leave the girls doing homework! So I tried to hurry home, after stopping at only 2/3 of the booths. At least I got them some of their favorites for dinner from Chan Tai and from Zen Sushi! (I had a ham sandwich. Something just isn't right about that!)

This weekend they have been feeding a friend's fish in his koi pond. They absolutely LOVE taking care of those fish and wish they could have more time to get them trained. I think if anyone could, they could!

Saturday was the International Festival Day at their school. I know I have said it before, but I LOVE the ethnic diversity at this school. This festival was celebrating all ethnicities with booths, entertainment, and food from all the different countries.

I had volunteered to make a Chinese dessert and on Friday night faced a very dusty and dirty kitchen due to the sanding of the texturing on the walls. Mom called and asked if I wanted to use her kitchen and jumped at the chance. It was an interesting recipe that required sweet glutinous flour and red bean paste. It was used at the Chinese table and the people running the exhibit was very kind telling me it was delicious. The other woman made a dessert that looked like rosebuds. It was beautiful. It too was filled with red bean paste. My girls LOVED them. I FORCED Annabel to try a small piece of my cake. There were no comments from her about it!

Saturday afternoon was so beautiful, it was impossible to make the girls work on their homework. It has been a challenge to catch up from their absences due to their illnesses and of course more homework and tests just keep stacking up! We took a breather and visited with our neighbors and loved seeing their new baby.

We ended Saturday with our traditional multi generational event of going to Costco! Plus we had to make a side trip to try to find me some new pants. I've finally lost enough weight that my pants keep sliding down! Now that is a fun time. Having your parents and your daughters wait while you try on clothes!

Tomorrow Annabel has to start a remedial math class to try to catch up. Math no longer is just numbers, it now includes a lot of word problems. These are pretty difficult if you can't read the words.

I am thankful they are providing this extra class, but it starts at 7:30. That means we have to leave by 6:45!! Goodness! I guess it is past my bedtime then!

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