Sunday, November 1, 2009

The day after

Tonight felt like we were packing up to move!

Everything that was sitting around in the kitchen, on the walls, counters, or the table all had to be packed up and moved out in anticipation of the work on the floor this week.

It already has that fine layer of dust that you get from sanding sheet rock, so it all feels pretty gritty.

To have a place to move it, the girls had to pack up all their homework off the dining room table, which took a LONG time. I love this school, but was warned early that the amount of homework is tremendous and that was not an understatement.

But the girls got it cleared off, Grace tried to use the dust mop to get some of the dust off the floor, and Annabel started moving things onto the table.

In the middle of all of this, I was trying to make dinner, fixing washing clothes, and loading the dish washer.

For the first time in a while, I had SOME sense though.

I really meant to put beef stew in the crock pot and start a pan of pinto beans, to make for some easy dinners this week. By the time I turned to get the flour to put on the meat, Annabel had moved my canister. I took that as a sign to take it easier this week and settle for easier meals, like eating out, or bring something in!

We don't have any light in the dining room and most of the plugs in the kitchen don't work, so you can't heat something up in the microwave, and if you do, you have to sit in the dark in the dining room, or try to find a seat in the living room, where we no longer have the TV hooked up.

The time change has really thrown us off and once it started getting dark, I wanted everyone to go to bed, until I was reminded it was only 6:30. I guess that is too early, but felt like I need to!

Last week I told the girls that it would be even darker leaving for school after the time change, so I was quite surprised when I was woken up by the sun bright and early this mornig. It was glorious to see though after all the many days of rain and cloudy days.

After a lot of work, the Austin crew finally managed to get packed up and leave fairly early.

That left Annabel with a VERY sad feeling and she cried through most of church until she fell asleep. I also knwo she is exhausted as they stayed up too late and get up too early while their cousins are here.

Annabel "lost" her gym uniform again, but was sure it was in her grandparents' house. They looked everywhere and Mom kept telling her it had to be in our house.

She finally found it on Grace's bed but forgot to tell Mom and Dad they could quit looking. Not sure how it ended up there, but they were in the process of folding clothes and did not want to interrupt too much.

Hopefully all the homework is done, all the uniforms are clean, and vitamins are taken. I think an early evening sounds great. Let's see if they agree!

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