Wednesday, November 4, 2009

God answers prayers!

Even though my last post was just a few hours ago, I felt this was worth the time and energy to write about!

I told Mom today that all I wanted was a hole in one wall. I did not want electricians, 2 kinds of sanders, plumbers, etc. All I wanted was a HOLE! One that I could see through to the front door from the kitchen.

Thankfully I hired someone who could see more possibilities and completely reconfiguring the space so I will have a fantastic kitchen. It is going to be better than if I had added a spa! This is all just for me.

But the electricians finally finished last night around 8:30 and this afternoon the other guys left shortly after 5:00 and I could come in and take a look at all they have accomplished.

The smell from sanding the floor was strong, but the layer of dust on everything was even stronger, so I got busy wiping everything down or sweeping and cleaning.

I decided I had to wash the girls' sheets and insist on a bath so they could rest better, so I uncovered the stuff on their beds until I found the sheets. The loads consisted of all sorts of random clothing items and a few cup towels too!

When I went back to Mom and Dad's to fix their supper, I heard a noise that I have not heard in three days!

Annabel was laughing and talking!

I cannot tell you how very relieved I am on hearing this wondrous sound!

She has literally laid around or slept for the last 48-72 hours.

I tried to explain to the doctor that I knew she was sick because she was so quiet. That, I have learned, if just a mother's intuition and diagnosing and is not readily recognized by the medical society.

BUT she seems to have turned the corner and feels well enough to tease and laugh.

Thank you for your prayers. God listens and answers them.

She is still mad that I won't let her go to school tomorrow since she still has a temperature of 100+!

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  1. Hope ALL of you feel better this weekend. Please give Jacob and Joyce my best.

    Love, Linda