Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Homework and Social Worker Visits!

Tonight Annabel and I spent the evening trying to make sense of the concepts of speed and velocity. She has a science test on Thursday and did not do too well last time, so we are trying to really work on it this time. But these concepts are pretty vague anyway. I did not know you could not comment on velocity unless you include direction. So you can say the speed of something was 100 m.p.h. but you cannot say the velocity was 100 m.p.h. You would have to say the velocity was 100 m.p.h. south.

Ok, might have gotten it all wrong after all of that!

Her homework for World History was to write a paragraph first as a European explorer when you first saw a native American. Then as a Native American when you first saw a European explorer. I'm pretty sure she never studied any early American history in China and it is a little hard to catch up!

Maybe this is like the person who supposedly picked up a calf the day it was born and kept picking it up every day and got stronger and stronger. Only for me I will get mentally stronger and stronger.

No, I don't think so!

Tomorrow is our one year follow up with the social worker from the adoption agency. Our one year anniversary was actually in July, but they give you time to get settled in before they check up on you.

I am so glad this social worker is so understanding. I told her the house/kitchen was under construction and we might not have a place to sit. She answered that we could just sit outside and talk if the weather is nice. It is supposed to be gorgeous outside tomorrow, but not inside. The man doing the work is in the process of closing on a house that was a foreclosure and has become distracted with that, so our house is a wreck. If I can find where I downloaded the pictures I will show you what I mean.

At least this time there was NO way I could clean up. The other visits by social workers I have driven myself to exhaustion making sure everything was in its place and there was no sign of dust! Woo Hoo! It is horrible in here right now!

So here are the photos to prove it! Thankfully I am no longer nervous about these meetings either. That helps a LOT!

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