Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Last minute fashion needs

Rarely do we have a day without much going on. But some days just seem like a LOT going on.

Although I was fully prepared to give up my kitchen 3 weeks ago, it really was not at a point that we had to be out of it completely. They came and worked while we were gone. They went home, we came home, and life was pretty much normal. IF you consider having most of your kitchen items in your living room and dining room and everything being covered with dust and having funky odors from paint, sanding, sawing, new wood, etc.

I knew the time would finally come when they would tackle the floor. All of these old houses have hardwood floors under years of accumulations of the latest in floor coverings, but when the original floors were put it, I don't think anyone could have dreamed of how we would LOVE those hardwood floors.

We had talked about putting some other trendy floor covering in to tie the two areas together, but our contractor LOVES the personality of the old houses and convinced me that the hardwood floors, sanded down to the bare wood, stained, and then sealed would be the best.

Oh he was so right.

BUT that is a LONG process and even though I knew it was going to start, it was also the first time I did not haul out our microwave, paper cups, plates, etc, so all the things we have been needed are trapped in the kitchen. AND we cannot get to the washing machine or the dryer and Annabel's gym uniform is still being held captive in there.

The wood working guy called tonight and said they were finished with the desk and shelves. Something tells me that it is so much better than anything I visualized, but I will finally see it tomorrow. I can't wait to splash pictures of the finished product on my blog and heartily recommend the guys who have done all the work.

But where I started with this line of thought is where our day ended up.

Annabel had to be at school at 7:30 and we did much better leaving in plenty of time to actually allow her to walk into the classroom, rather than arrive breathless from the run. But since we still are without a kitchen, we drove through McDonalds one more time for breakfast. I didn't think my cholesterol could take another sausage/biscuit, so I opted for just coffee. For Annabel, she rarely tires of a food and will eat it until you think she might become that food. She is still fired up about a sausage/biscuit. Maybe tomorrow will be our last day of those for a while.

Today at work we had a doctor talking about diabetes. He was fantastic and did a great job of actually addressing the topic in a way that everyone could understand. While I love having these programs, they are very taxing, with the fear that no one will show up, that the speaker won't show up, that the coffee won't be hot enough. By the time it is over, I feel spent!

When we went to the pediatrician for the girls' flu shots they mentioned that they had not had a physical. Hmmm, oh yea! Today was the appointment for their physical. I felt so sorry for them as they each had to get numerous shots, then a H1N1 nose spray/mist thing. I'm not sure who changed the immunization requirements for those entering 7th grade, but my girls are up to date and there will be no mad dashes this summer to take care of that! They both went to bed with sore arms though. Poor babies.

Last night Annabel handed me a piece of paper from her band teacher. It explained the winter concert, dates, times, locations, and then told in detail what they were required to wear. Now since school started Annabel has been after me to buy her a tuxedo shirt, bow tie, black pants, and shoes.

Believe it or not, none of that was mentioned as to what she needed to wear to the concert!

No, instead she needed a SOLID black dress, or black skirt and white blouse, with black shoes, and black socks or tights. The dress or skirt had to be plain black with no embellishments. I think we had plenty of things that are black, but none of them plain.

So after the doctor's office we ran to Wal mart. I had a few great neighbors offer me their daughter's clothes, but we still had to have the shoes, socks, or tights. Black socks would not be found in either girls' drawers, I knew that!

Thankfully they had just the exact dress she needed and it fit perfectly. Plus they had the black socks and black footless tights she likes, but NO SHOES! She seemed to need a half size and there were NONE in that store!

We ran to Payless and they had buy one get one half price. I wonder if that sell used to be buy one get one free. I would like that much better!

The problem with the cheaper shoes are the sizes are not very accurate and her size varied almost two whole sizes between the two stores, so it took lots of trying on to find just the right shoes, only they were boots! How could I pass up the bargain of getting something half off, so I sent Grace to find some boots too. Of course what she found was twice as much as Annabel's because they had the Jonas Brothers name attached. Why would the Jonas Brothers have their name on girl's footwear????

Anyway, Annabel had found a pair that she REALLY liked, not the black ones she had to have for school, but a fuzzy, warm pair for around the house and weekends. She is so cold natured, I was glad to buy her these boots. I think she was kind of stunned when she realized the haul she had with the dress, jacket, two pairs of boots, and the tights and socks. I wish I could let her know how special she is and I would do that more often if I could.

By now it is getting close to 7:00 and we have had no dinner and no homework. A quick trip to Panda Express provided us a meal and a quicker journey back home to complete homework.

Tonight, I am just tired!

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