Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Like mother, like daughter

When I was growing up, Mom would load up her big old white Pontiac and take a bunch of us to school each day. Not elementary, since it was at the end of the street, but these memories are from when I was in junior high and Lisa was in high school.

At that time, we probably did not venture out of a 5 mile radius from the house very often. There was no need to as everything we needed was close by. We could walk to Skillerns for all our drug store needs and on to A & P for groceries. We could even buy new clothes at a dress shop called Yantis and at one point there was a shoe store on Davis also.

Gas in those days was $.29 or maybe $.30 a gallon, so a dollar's worth bought you a lot of gas! Plus if you weren't going very far, you didn't need much, right?

But I can remember more than one morning as we cruised in the big old white Pontiac and getting to the gas station on the corner by W.E. Greiner Junior High and Mom having to coast the car up to the gas tank as we had run out of gas! $1 and we were on the road again.

I tell this story to set the stage for our morning.

Last night Annabel asked several times if we could get to school early so she could go to a special tutoring with her math teacher. Of course, we can surely do that!

But when the alarm went off some of the motivation was gone. Especially when Grace comes in to tell me her throat is really sore, hinting that she does not feel like going to school.

I was determined to get Annabel to school as she really needed the help on the math project and I pushed us all out the door early. Extra early!

As we leave, Dad always comes out to tell us bye. He announced they were going shopping at Kohl's, Coldwater Creek, and Costco. I ramble off a quick list of all I need at Costco as I remembered I had two $10 off coupons for Kohls. I ran back in and actually found them AND my credit for them to use at Kohl's.

As soon as I started the car, a bright light on the dash caught my attention.

Oh no, I meant to buy gas when I went to Tom Thumb last night, but did not go to Tom Thumb, since one of my prescriptions was out of refills, and now I don't have any gas.

I keep this information to myself, as it has a tendency to panic Annabel.

Usually if we leave right after 7:00 we don't have much traffic. Today of course was the exception and each time we sat waiting on others to move, I stared at the gas gauge, willing it to show more gas rather than a dwindling amount. That just didn't work.

As we got within a mile of the school, the needle on the gauge made a giant dive and I could just see us running out in front of the school. Their school doesn't have a gas station on the corner like ours did though.

At the last minute I take a QUICK detour and promise Annabel that it won't add but a few minutes and then we are assured that we will make it if I buy just a little gas. More than a dollar's worth, but not much more.

As soon as I took the detour traffic came to a standstill.

I had seen from the distance some motorcycle officers with flashing lights but I thought they were pulling someone over. Instead they were stopping all of us for something that I never got to see.

From the backseat you could hear fidgeting, but Annabel never said a word. I turned off the radio so I would make sure and hear if the car died while we sat there for 10 minutes, waiting for the unknown traffic incident.

Right at the time that I knew the last bit of fumes were being sucked through the carbeurator, the traffic began to move and I knew if I needed, I could roll into the gas station.

Thankfully it was not necessary and gas was purchased and since I had gas, I felt I could speed us on to school! With the emphasis on the word speed.

This afternoon Annabel told me in a very polite way that I could buy a bunch of gas at Tom Thumb so we did not have to do that again. That is exactly what I did tonight.

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