Tuesday, November 17, 2009

No school today!

Last night I fell asleep with my cell phone with me as I was waiting on an answer to an email I had sent. Not my usual way to do things, but paid off this morning!

The phone rang right at 5:00 a.m. and it was a recording notifying us that the school was closed due to a water main break.

By then I had also gotten an email and forwarded it to Mom and Dad and work and went back to sleep.

Annabel came in at 6:30 panicking that I was not up. When told there was no school, she promptly went back to bed.

Then Grace got up and wondered why we were not up but soon as she knew she also went back to bed.

This is the first time I can remember school being closed due to something like a water main break! I kept expecting to wake up to find ice and snow on the ground.

It was really nice not having to drive so far for one day. It also gave the girls an extra day to catch up with homework.

Tomorrow we are back to our usual schedule leaving REALLY early to get Annabel to school by 7:30.

The first coat of varnish is on the kitchen floor tonight. At least 1, maybe 2 more coats and we will be back in our kitchen! Yea! I never thought I would miss it, but it is especially difficult even if you want a glass of water, much less to reach the washer and dryer. I didn't plan to well and even the microwave is in there!

Pretty soon though I will be able to post pictures of my new and very much improved kitchen. He even painted the hall for us today, which was not part of the contract. Nice to work with nice people.

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