Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November 11

As of tomorrow, my little sister, Jana, whom I write about often, will have been gone for three years.

Time goes so quickly and I am so grateful for the healing that it has brought.

But I knew I needed to do something to remember her and hopefully impact others' lives through my memories of her.

Jana died due to a heart condition that no one knew she had. We don't know if she had any symptoms. She never mentioned any problems. She is a strong, hard working, fearless, loving, caring, charitable person who was taken so quickly that nothing could help.

To help remember her and to remind you of your risk of heart disease, I am asking everyone to wear red in her memory tomorrow.

It's especially funny to wear red, not just because of the Go Red for Women campaign, but because she had bright red hair and that fits so well too.

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