Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Sunday night I heard Grace coughing off and on all night. She seemed to be following her usual progression for a sinus infection. When the alarm went off I told them we would sleep a little longer and see how they felt then.

By 6:15 Annabel came in with her uniform on and was ready for school.

I'm not sure why I touched her forehead, but she was burning up with fever.

I sent her back to bed and came with tylenol and thermometers to see what we were facing.

Annabel's fever was over 100 and Grace's was right under.

I put everyone back to bed and planned to get up to let the workers in by 8:30. When the door bell rang, the dogs jumped into action to protect us. I tried to grab them and run out, only I slipped and crashed right on top of poor Ollie. He yelped and got out of my way.

Plans were to start sanding the floors on Monday. Yuck!

Thankfully that got delayed but trying to take care of two sick kids without a kitchen is very hard. We moved over to Mom and Dad's when it became unbearable and everyone was hungry.

This has been our routine for the last three days!

Yesterday I did take the dogs to the groomer to get them out from under foot. That helped!

Then I have had to make several trips to banks covering all my bad checks that I did not know I had.

On Tuesday we went to the doctor and just as I expected, Grace had a sinus infection, so she got antibiotics.

Annabel, on the other hand, has a viral infection, so she gets nothing, except tylenol to help her feel better. I am so frustrated that they would not give her the tamiflu as she had all the symptoms, but the test showed she did not have flu. Her fever has not gone below 100 except while we were in the doctor's office! She continues to be dizzy and coughing, but even a call today to the doctor and I am still told that it has to run its course.

Grace's cough rattles the windows and she is just miserable, but I know it will be cured, fairly quickly. Thankfully!

Dad's younger brother was scheduled to have stents put in his heart on Monday. When they went in to look, they found blockages that require bypass instead. So yesterday he was to have a quintuple bypass. When the doctor finally showed up at 5:00 p.m., my uncle refused the surgery! It is now scheduled for Thursday morning.

Mom has been on a variety of antibiotics since the summer and the most recent had terrible side effects. She has been unable to keep any food on her stomach and has grown very weak. This has not stopped her from trying to tend to my girls though!

In the meantime, I have been reading our next book club selection, "Say You're One of them". This is also Oprah's selection for November and I can see why.

No matter what we are going through this week, it cannot remotely compare to the stories in this book. They are stories by children, in different parts of Africa. They are first hand accounts of how children are impacted by genocide, poverty, children being sold into slavery, etc. Even our worst day is better than their best.

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