Sunday, November 22, 2009

Weekends mean work!

Weekends are supposed to be fun, right?

I'm sure I will have one without so much work soon, but this weekend was focused around trying to cram all of my kitchen stuff back into the kitchen! Plus having to wash everything! My dishwasher thinks it deserves a break and I am sure my hands do. I am much too old to be dealing with dishwater hands now. I need Madge! Remember that old commercial where the lady went for the manicure and Madge told her she was soaking in Palmolive or whatever brand it was? OK, I do feel my age!

We took one break and ventured to the New Flower Market Farmers Market, which Grace and Annabel both felt like was a weird name for a grocery store. I agree.

They were roasting corn and raising money for the food bank, so Annabel had 2 ears and I had one. Grace doesn't eat corn. Right....

We bought our turkey and other ingredients so we can host the family Thanksgiving meal. Our very first attempt at it! I think I might trick everyone like I have done before, order the whole thing, put it in my dishes, and then take credit for the meal.

When we got home Mom came over to "help" with the kitchen. I realized later that she just got us all working and then went home.

Today after lunch Dad was asking Grace if he should buy Mom some piece of jewelry that was on the TV. She told him, no, she would just lose it. Oh that is cold!

Then Dad, not learning from his previous question, asked if he should get himself an Iphone. Grace quickly told him that he doesn't use his current one enough to warrant a new one.

Awww, the joys of grandchildren!

This afternoon we helped out a friend by partiicpating in a photo shoot for her company. There was no pay involved, but hopefully some great pictures of the girls. It was a glorious day and fun to be at the park and talk to some of the other moms. The photo shoot was easy as the photographer just wanted them to play.

After we came home I knew I had to tackle the huge piles of leaves in our backyard. I got a little punchy from it and worked out my Ode to my pecan tree. hope you think it is funny!

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