Monday, December 14, 2009

Best laid plans

Some days you get up just sure that you know what the day will bring. Mondays are a pretty good example. Mondays especially seem to follow the pattern you expect.

But sometimes Monday surprises you.

Our usually prompt starting meeting on MOndays was delayed, so the end time went over.

When I got back to my office several people mentioned that Dad had called looking for my co-worker. They mentioned he sounded upset? in a rush? Something just didn't sound right.

I knew my parents had planned to check out a car to buy and then planned to do some Christmas shopping on their way home.

I actually dialed Dad's cell phone number halfway expecting that he was calling to tell me he had found a car for me to buy too and what did I think.

Instead he said they had had a serious accident and I needed to come pick up mom.

His directions put them on a service road, so I expected a fender bender of some sort and began to plan that MOm and I might be able to squeeze in a little bit of shopping before coming back.

Somewhere on my drive to "pick up Mom" DAd and I talked again. I asked if Mom was ok. He said no, you need to take her to the hospital.



Yes, the paramedics and the fire truck were just leaving but we still need to take Mom to the hospital.

STill really not making sense.

He told me they were on the service road, but it seemed odd that the traffic on the freeway was stopped in both directions. That's because they had the freeway blocked because of the accident.

Only when I saw Mom sitting in the car with both air bags deployed and Dad standing on the side of the road did it hit me what a serious accident this was. Mom was not moving and I had expected her to be able to scale down the embankment to get in the car. Instead I made a trip back around and up on the freeway.

There sat a giant tow truck, a couple of police cars, lots of flares, a car with the doors open, and an assortment of characters standing around and a policeman flagging me down thinking I was just intent on busting through the accident to get to the exit ramp.

I grabbed my coat and put around Mom and led her to my car. She was holding on tight to her Christmas cards and her lipstick. She seemed to be in shock but came out of it enough to instruct me on the other things I had to get out of the car.

Not until I went back to the car did I realize it was not their car! This was the car they went to look at! It had a sticker on the back window. But I don't think i could tell you anything else about that car just from the shock of the two giant airbags and that I was still trying to make sense of what was going on.

Dad filled me in on part, explaining that MOm refused to go to another hospital and the paramedics refused to transport her to our hospital, as they would pass 3 others on the way, and felt like she needed to be there quickly.

It seems that a car, trying to change lanes, clipped the back of the car Mom and Dad were in, causing it to spin around, and then get hit by the giant tow truck, that I thought was there to pick them up. At that point they crashed head on into the concrete embankment which made the airbags go off. All Mom remembers is Dad telling her to hold on. Thank goodness there were airbags and the paramedics told them if they had been in their little Jetta, the situation would have been much worse. I have to thank God that while they were spinning that no one broadsided them either. This is probably one of the busiest stretches of Central Expwy too.

When we got to the hospital, after VERY careful driving, and my talking ninety to nothing trying to figure things out and see if I could get a better feel of mom's condition, I knew she was in a lot of pain when she agreed to riding in a wheelchair and then not wanting to get out of it.

Gloria and ERika met us in ER and Gloria agreed to go pick up Dad. YOu can give Gloria a remote spot in any part of Dallas and she can find it. I knew with little instruction she could find Dad.

Eventually we got both into the same ER room, both wrapped up in a variety of layers of sheets and blankets, and the transporter or tech, moved them close enough so they could hold hands. Neither was satisfied until they can feel each other. It did not help that they had HUGE stiff cervical collars around their necks so they could not turn their heads and see each other.

Marcie got in touch with Drew and he picked up my girls, then they took them home and fed them their favorite meal, Chinese noodles!

By the time they came back it had been decided that Mom needed to spend the night for observation and that Dad would be discharged, but expected to stay at the hospital. So technically he could go, but they still wanted him around, just in case anything on him changed.

Both are extremely sore from the seat belts and the air bags. Both have very sore necks and chests.

Mom's EKG was not quite right, plus her right knee looks like a softball, and she is experiencing a LOT of pain in her chest.

After I had time with the girls, we decided we needed to take them clothes, toothbrushes, medicine, and a milk shake for Dad. I was glad the girls got to see them, but did not think I could pull them away and back home.

It is so odd for me not to be there tonight, but I knew for my girls' sake they needed to be at home and in their beds.

All Mom can do is fret about what all she still needs to cook, clean, wrap, and people to buy for. I hope she can get some rest with some pain medicine tonight. They wrapped her knee in a stabilizer and covered it with ice. I know Dad will be more sore tomorrow unless he gets somewhere to lay down.

It is really hard raising your parents! Prayers are greatly appreciated!

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