Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas lights

This has been a really long day.

It ended less than an hour ago as the bus pulled up to the hospital's main entrance and dropped off the rest of our passengers of older adults who went for the Christmas lights and dinner tour.

When I posted last week that I was finished with all my job festivities, I completely forgot about our trip tonight. I was reminded frequently that I had come up with this idea and three months ago it sounded great! Of course that was before I knew what all could happen between then and now.

In an effort to save money, we booked a much smaller bus, which left us taking my car to hold the overflow. Thank goodness Gloria had planned a great meal otherwise we would have been famished just from the wait time to get into the Prairie Lights display. The line was even longer as we left! The lights are really pretty, but a one hour wait to get into the park kind of puts a damper on things. At least we had good company during the wait!

Lisa and the girls left shortly after coming back from the doctor's office. I was glad I had a distraction for my girls, as it is always such a down time when Gillian and Darcey left.

The doctor is not sure why Dad is running the high temperature, but gave him some medicine including antibiotics. Tomorrow is Mom's turn to see the doctor. As someone mentioned, now that some of the shock is wearing off, they are more aware of the pain they are in and not bouncing back quite as quickly as they first thought they should/would. Of course when you hit a concrete wall going 60 m.p.h. it is a little rough on your body, regardless of the age.

Top priority for me is making sure that Santa is ready for Friday! I've had no trouble coming up with ideas for Annabel and trying to decide if I can afford the portable basketball goal she has wanted for so long.

Grace is my problem this year as the only things are her list are books or Nintendo games. She needs clothes but not sure she is quite old enough to "value" them for gifts! The other things she would LOVE are a netbook and a new phone, but she knows they are out of our price range this year so she did not include them on the list.

I took the time yesterday to write out a lot of Christmas cards and then promptly left them here with no stamps! Hmmm, maybe I will just be way ahead next year!

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