Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A follow up

When I graduated with my Master's Degree from UNT in 1993, my first job as a rehabilitation counselor was over a caseload of individuals with traumatic brain injuries. Very quickly it became evident that the majority of the injuries were the result of a car accident.

Working with these individuals, many times looking as though nothing was wrong with you, it gave me a deep appreciation for the complexities of our brain and how much damage can occur when your head is jerked around or goes through the windshield.

None of these individuals returned to their "old life". The damage was done and it was permanent.

Shortly after getting the job it was necessary to get a new car.

My sole criteria for the car was an air bag.

Now they are "standard" on most cars, but then they are new and just being included on some models.

I will always be grateful to whoever invented airbags and those who had the foresight to require their inclusion in cars.

Mom and Dad were not in their car on Monday.

They were test driving a car.

They are sold on the safety that the Infiniti provided them in their accident.

My nieces journeyed out to the car dealership to retrieve Mom and Dad's car and while there, thankfully Katie thought to take pictures.

Everyone asked me what it looked like.

I really cannot tell you because once I saw my parents and realized they were hurt, I zoned into them and only them.

The pictures really tell a gripping story of the potential damage that could have occurred to Mom and Dad.

The front and rear fender and bumpers on the passenger side look like an accordion.But the airbags did their job and kept them cushioned and not flying through the windshield.

I've learned several things from this experience.

One that my father is the master of understatement. He told me they had been in a serious accident, but failed to mention how much either had been hurt.

That people are kind and caring and willing to say prayers on your behalf, which is a huge point in itself.

That airbags and all the safety features of a car make a difference.

It's been a complicated 48 hours trying to juggle all that had to be done.

Thank goodness that everyone chipped in, even going so far as to pick up my girls the last 3 days!

We enjoyed a great meal that Martha prepared and Lisa served, along with Lisa's ham and pasta. If Lisa is around, she is going to make sure you get a good meal.

Drew, Marcie, Katie, and Lisa all made trips out to the school for the girls.

Marcie and Katie drove almost to Oklahoma to get Mom and Dad's car.

Katie cleaned Mom and Dad's house.

And while all of that is extremely wonderful, the best was Drew mowing and clearing out all the leaves in both our front yards!

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