Thursday, December 24, 2009

Grandmother Hattie Edith

To quote my Grandmother Hattie Edith,

"Lord, what have I done to deserve all of this!"

Grandmother was the kind of person who thrived on the crazier the better and so every year her tiny house was packed, every single room, with every member of the family.

More than once Lisa and I drove from Abilene after getting off from work at Luskey's Western Wear, all the way to Paris, Texas, many times with only one working windshield wiper.

But it didn't matter, we had to be there. Grandmother would know and be so disappointed if we missed. One year I picked up Jana from her retail job at Mervyn's and we probably made it down there by 9:00, only to turn around and come right back home. Again in a Volkswagen that had the traditional VW heater system. In other words, none!

The evening was capped off with Grandmother finally sitting down to the biggest pile of gifts you have ever seen and her exclaiming repeatedly, "Lord, what did I ever do to deserve all of this!"

I feel the same way tonight.

Incredibly the snow continues to come down and the more the snow, the more hyper my girls are!

Annabel has openly been so excited about the possibilities of Christmas. She is ecstatic over the tree, the lights, the food, the family gatherings, but especially the anticipation of what tomorrow might bring.

Grace is more reserved, but has kept a count down on Mom and Dad's chalk board.

We have spent the afternoon in our fabulous new kitchen preparing our meal for tonight. We had lots of plans for going somewhere special for dinner but so very grateful to Gloria for the HUGE Honeybaked Ham for a warm dinner at home instead.

Annabel has been my sous chef getting into chopping up things. Most things are chopped enough that even someone on a pureed diet could eat it! Grace has put the final touches on gifts for the grandparents.

I feel so blessed to enjoy the excitement of Christmas with my girls and my parents!

Lord, what did I ever do to deserve all of this!

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